Boss Announcement: Changes to Boss VBX Spreaders to “C” Kit

Boss VBX Hopper Salt Spreaders

Boss Announcement: Changes to Boss VBX Spreaders to “C” Kit

Boss VBX Spreaders Seeing Some Changes

The following information is a Service Bulletin and changes related to the Boss VBX Spreader. All Boss dealers and customers should be made away of the new VBX spreader changes and updates. Below, you’ll find information related to the Boss VBX Spreader changes including but not limited to changes in the Top Screen assembly, Pintle Sprocket Guards, Controller Diagnostics, and new Error Code references. There’s a lot of information being put out by Boss, but the changes just show and prove how committed Boss is to all of it’s customers. Based on your feedback, changes such as these will continue to take place and in the long run will benefit you and your ice management company.

Boss VBX8000 Salt Spreader

REGARDING: VBS14200C, VBS14210C, VBS15150C, VBS15160C, VBS15300C, and VBS15310C – VBX Spreader Improvements/Changes:

As part of the continued commitment to continuous product improvement, Boss has made some key updates to their lineup of VBX spreaders. Continue reading the following Service Bulletin for a full list of changes and updates.

Top Screens:

Revisions have been made to the current top screens to improve the fit to the VBX 8000 spreader, improve the strength and sturdiness of our shipping crates,and to reduce time when installing the optional Pro-Lid kits. VBX spreaders require two top screens per assembly.

  • Boss VBX 6500
    • Old Top Screen Part: VBS1181-03
    • New Top Screen Part: VBS17365-03
  • Boss VBX 8000
    • Old Top Screen Part: VBS18312-03
    • New Top Screen Part: VBS17380-03
  • Boss VBX 9000
    • Old Top Screen Part: VBS15301-03
    • New Top Screen Part: VBS17390-03

Pintle Sprocket Guards:

Bolt-on chain/sprocket guards have been added to all “C” kit pintle spreaders. These will aid in reducing the amount of material carried to the back of the spreaders. They also protect the sprockets while still allowing easy access when servicing the unit.These can be ordered individually and will retro-fit to“B” spreaders. The parts will be sold as a kit under part number VBS17210.

  • Boss VBX 6500, 8000 & 9000
    • New Part #’s: VBS14497, VBS14498

Error Code Diagnostics

REvisions were made to the software of the Boss VBX controls to add additional diagnostic capability. Reference the following steps and the images to the right to access the diagnostic screen and view error codes:


  1. Turn on keyed source or start vehicle.
  2. Allow control to turn on and then return to a blank screen.
  3. Hold down the “BLAST” button and then press and release the “START/STOP” button.
  4. The control will show the “SOFTWARE VERSION” screen, and then transition to the “ERROR” screen.
  5. Cycle through error codes by pushing the “NEXT” button.
    1. NOTE: the system will only store 10 errors at a time. When a new error is added beyond 10, the oldest error will no longer be displayed.
  6. Push “EXIT” to return to the main screen

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