Boss Announcement: New Addition to Skid Steer Box Plow Family, the SK-R 6

Boss Announcement: New Addition to Skid Steer Box Plow Family, the SK-R 6

Boss SK-R 6 Rubber Edge Box Plow for Skid-Steer

Boss Snowplow is pleased to announce a new addition to the Heavy Equipment lineup for the 2018-19 season: The Boss Sk-R 6 Rubber Edge Box Plow now joins the family of Rubber Edged Skid-Steer Box Plows introduced earlier last season. See in depth details and specifications below, as well as what helps the Boss SK-R series of skid-steer box plows stand out from the competition.

Boss SK-R 6

Designed to put the full force and maneuverability of your customer’s skid steer to its fullest capability, the all-new SK-R 6 rubber edge skid steer box plow has now been added to the Skid Steer Heavy Equipment family. Featuring standard articulating shoes made from AR400, 1.5” thick reversible rubber cutting edges, and bolt-on wings for serviceability and stocking efficiencies, the new SK-R6 is a great addition. A complete SK-R 6 Box Plow is comprised of the Blade Crate and Wing Pack. The Wing Pack Assembly is the same for all SK-R units. See Part Numbers below.

SK-R Rubber Edge Skid-Steer Box Plows

Rubber  edge skid-steer box plows are perfect for sensitive surfaces or gravel. Rugged support struts add structural strength, stability and long-term reliability. Articulating wing shoes will help keep the plow level and in contact with the pavement at all times. The Boss rubber edge box plows for skid-steers are designed to withstand the full force of the snow as well as the added benefit of the overall maneuverability of the the skid-steer. The tough and durable rubber edge can stand up to anything Mother Nature throws your way. The rubber edge is a reversible 1-1/2 x 8″ heavy duty rubber which offers a quieter plowing operation as well as protection to sensitive surfaces. The attachment system easily connects your plow to all skid-steers with the attachment plate.

New Part Numbers

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