Boss Announcement: RPL21650 Ford & GM Drag Pro Undercarriage Fitment Changes

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Boss Announcement: RPL21650 Ford & GM Drag Pro Undercarriage Fitment Changes

REGARDING: RPL21650 – Ford F250/F350 17MY+ and GM 2500/3500 07MY+ Drag Pro Undercarriage Fitment

After careful review, Boss Engineering has determined that the Boss Drag Pro undercarriage kit RPL21650 may not fit properly on certain model GM trucks that were previously deemed acceptable. Boss part # RPL21650 undercarriage kit is now only approved fro the following models:

  • 2011-Up GMC Sierra & Chevy Silverado 2500/3500 Models with Short Box (6.5′)
  • 2017-Up Ford F250/F350

A rear leaf spring bracket on all 2007-2010 GM models, as well as 2011 and newer models with long box (8.0’), prevents installation of the current side plate of the RPL21650 undercarriage without modification. BOSS does not recommend modifying any components to allow them to fit. To remedy this, BOSS has developed an all new undercarriage that will permit proper installation on all 2007 and newer GM trucks, including both short and long box vehicles.

New Part Numbers:

Although the RPL21650 undercarriage is still appropriate for 2017 and newer Ford Super Duty models, Boss is taking this opportunity to release an improved undercarriage that is specific to these models.

Accordingly, Boss is pleased to introduce the following new undercarriage kits that will replace RPL21650:

  • Boss Part # RPL21890 – 2017 and newer Ford F250/F350 models
  • Boss Part # RPL21870 – 2007 and newer GM 2500/3500 models
Boss Drag Pro

REGARDING: Boss Drag Pro Undercarriage Hitch Receiver

Boss has been made aware that some aftermarket hitches may not be able to be inserted far enough into the hitch receiver of our undercarriages. Most aftermarket ball mounts can be successfully installed into the Boss hitch receiver provided on the undercarriage, however SOME aftermarket ball mounts may need to be cut to length as shown in the picture to the right. To maintain a Class V trailer hitch rating, ensure that the length from the hitch pin hole to the ball center does not exceed 11 inches.

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