Boss Plows 30th Anniversary – 30 Snowplowing Inventions Part 2 of 6

Boss Plows 30th Anniversary – 30 Snowplowing Inventions Part 2 of 6

Boss Plows 30th Anniversary – 30 Snowplowing Inventions Part 2 of 6

This is a continuation and part 2 of 6 of the Boss Plows 30th Anniversary 30 Snowplowing Inventions series.

6. Formed Cutting Edges

You know what’s really annoying?  That little line of snow that gets left behind when you plow with a V-plow.  The good news: Boss owners haven’t had to deal with that for ten years. Thanks to the high performance, formed cutting edge designed especially for Boss V-Plows.  It features a snow catcher that stops the snow from leaking out under the center pin and curb guards to protect the edge of the plow which saves time, money and your nerves.

7. Seat Belts

Seat belts have been saving lives since 1958 when Nils Bohlin, a Swedish inventor, designed the 3 point seat belt that had two straps.  These life saving devices are especially important in the snow removal industry, as snow removal professionals deal with some of the worst driving conditions out there.  Boss is a big believer in taking every safety measure possible when delivering product and advice to our customers; we tip our hats to Nils for making automobiles safer.

8. ATV Helmets

All helmets alike are very important, but Boss is especially thankful for whoever designed the first ATV helmet.  Plowing snow with a truck alone can be hazardous with being out in some of the worst conditions Mother Nature can dish out.  It’s even more hazardous while out on a ATV plowing snow.  Always remember to wear your helmet, regardless of the season, it could save your life!

9. Carhartt

Located in the north woods of the Upper Peninsula, Boss knows winter.  And Boss knows that winter in the U.P. demands durable, warm clothes. Boy, are we all thankful for Carhartt.  Founded in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt, he originally designed the clothes for railroad workers, but it has since been adopted as the brand of choice for a wide range of activities and needs. This includes snow removal, particularly the kind that involves being outside for long periods of time like ATV or UTV assisted removal, or even with a shovel or blower.

10. Air Bags

Airbags, like many inventions, are solutions that come about after a problem is discovered.  John W. Hetrick thought of the idea for airbags when he and his family were out for a drive one spring day in 1952 and nearly hit a large rock in the middle of the road.  Thankfully, no one was injured, but the incident got John thinking about the safety of automobile passengers, thus airbags were born.  Being in snow and ice means dealing with the worst driving conditions possible. Airbags are another way to help save lives in the event of an accident.

Stay tuned for part 3!

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