Boss Plows 30th Anniversary – 30 Snowplowing Inventions Part 1 of 6

Boss SL3 with Ice Shield Technology

Boss Plows 30th Anniversary – 30 Snowplowing Inventions Part 1 of 6

Over the next week, SnowplowsPlus will pass along information and inventions that have revolutionized the snow removal industry over the years. This 6 part series will cover 30 inventions for the 30th Anniversary of Boss Plows!

With 30 years of experience in the snow removal industry, Boss has a healthy respect and appreciation for every small detail and tool that makes snow and ice management easier and more comfortable. Follow along throughout the week  for the complete listing of all 30 inventions and discoveries that have made snowplowing easier, faster, and more efficient over the years.

  1. The V-Plow
    1. Synonymous with the BOSS name, the Power-V Plow, introduced in 1985 and perfected by the company more than two decades ago, set the industry standard for multi-position snowplows.  The power-V plow, now discontinued, inspired Boss to expand the V-Plow family, to include the VXT and DXT snowplows to the lineup.  Both plows were born from the original V, but now tout their own innovative technology and advantages to add to the Boss family.
  2. Dual Trip Technology
    1. Continuing to innovate in the industry, Boss introduced the first dual-trip snowplow in 2012 with the DXT V-Plow. Being the most fully featured v-plow on the market, the DXT is equipped with both a full moldboard trip system and a trip edge.  Now available in 3 different materials, steel, poly or stainless steel and in several different sizes, 8’2″, 9’2″ and 10’0″.  Obstacles high or low, Boss Plow trips so you won’t get tripped up.
  3. Spreaders
    1. Though it is unclear when or who exactly created the very first spreader, Boss began its first line of spreaders in 2004 when it introduced the TGS line of tailgate spreaders.  From there, the Boss lineup of spreaders has continued to grow.  Joining the family have been several different models and sizes of tailgate spreaders and 3 different capacity v-box hopper spreaders.
  4. Hydraulic Lift System
    1. In 1988, Boss broke the chain and never looked back.  The high performance hydraulic lift systems have provided Boss owners with a reliable, easy to use system that reduces the snowplow bounce between trips from site to site while eliminating the chain lift system used on Boss Plows.
  5. L.E.D. Lighting System
    1. The source of light in the all new SL3 system from Boss is L.E.D. lighting.  They are brighter, consume less power, have an extremely long life, and illuminate the snow in more detail than ever before.  First built in 1962 at General Electric, the LED light produced was only red in color. As time progressed, the LED became an integral piece of retina screens, flat screen TVs and, of course, Boss’s new LED SL3 system.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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