Ebling Back Blade Snow Plows Are For Businesses Looking to Get the Job Done Twice as Fast

Ebling Back Blade Snow Plows Are For Businesses Looking to Get the Job Done Twice as Fast

Ebling is a Company You Can Trust. Ebling Back Blade Snow Plows

Ebling Snow Plows are a one of a kind Back Blade snow plow which attaches easily to the back of your truck or tractor with ease to provide you with up to 16ft of snow plow power in the form of an Ebling Snow Plow. Around since 1896, Ebling isn’t new to the game by any means. As a division of Ebling and Son’s Blacksmiths Inc., their Ebling Back Blade snow plows is just a small part of their 5th generation company. Ebling’s history in metal fabricating and metal repair goes back 120 years but has transformed over time to become one of the most respected and revolutionary snow removal equipment on the market today. With a larger plowing area, the Ebling Back Blade gets the job done faster than any other truck plow on the market today. Knockout parking lots, entrance approaches, loading docks, and residential driveways in just a couple passes. So, instead of using a 8 ft or even 10ft snow plow like other leading brands, use an Ebling Back Blade with the same superior durability and overall performance but in the form of a 12-foot, 14-foot, or 16-foot plow width. Find out in-depth information including price, availability, specifications, weight, vehicle compatibility, as well as ordering ability.

NEW at SnowplowsPlus: Ebling Back Blade Snow Plows with Hydraulic Controlled Wings

If you’ve ever had to plow a huge parking lot before, I’m sure you’ve found yourself wondering the most “efficient” way to plow the lot or the fastest way to get it done. Now you can get your jobs done, even residentials, in just a few passes with the Ebling Truck Hydraulic Wing Back Blades. These Ebling Truck Back Blades aren’t like the rest sold on the market today. What separates the Ebling Back Blades from the rest of the field? Their Hydraulically operated wings on their Ebling Truck Hydraulic Back Blades. You can now use your controller to control your back blade wings to easily transform from a 8′ closed back blade to a 16′ back blade in no time. Travel on the roads legally in all 50 states and once you arrive at your snow plow job, press a button and your Ebling Back Blade will convert from 8′ to 16′ in seconds. Get the job done twice as fast as normal, allowing you to take on more jobs for your business and expand your client list.

Here’s some simple math to show the savings in time and money you could have off of just one parking lot snow plow job:

  • Let’s say this parking lot takes 50 passes to complete with an 8-foot snow plow.
  • Let’s also say this parking lot takes 30 seconds per pass.
  • With an 8ft snow plow, that parking lot will take you 50 passes, and 25 minutes to finish.
  • With the 16ft Ebling Back Blade Hydraulic Winged Snow Plow, that same parking lot will take you 25 passes or 12 minutes to finish.

With the above math laid out, you can clearly see that there are huge time savings, and thus financial gains for your business when you switch to an Ebling Backblade Truck Hydraulic Wing Snow Plow. Think of the extra time you could use to pick up more snow plow jobs. While other companies are sitting tight with 20-30 jobs to cover per winter, you could go for 50 or 60 just by upgrading to a new snow plow for cheaper than it costs for a 8ft plow.

Ebling Tractor Back Blades

Ebling Back Blades aren’t only made for trucks. Now your Tractor can take advantage of the one of a kind snow plow in the form of the Ebling Tractor Back Blade. With a variety of different blade lengths from 10′ all the way up to 16′ back blade, you’ll get the job done quicker and more efficiently. The Ebling Tractor Back Blades are for tractors 35 – 200 HP and are constructed as a one-piece, all-welded construction on moldboard and wings. Forward rake angle and moldboard cutting edges for improved scraping action as well as a break-away feature on each wing which will reduce the possibility of damage to the plow in the event of a collision with an obstruction like a pothole, manhole cover, or curb.

Ebling Fixed Wing Back Blade Truck Plows

The Ebling Truck Fixed Wing Back Blade incorporates many of the core design features seen on the hydraulic wing model into a rugged Back Blade that will meet your plowing requirements where the additional width of a hydraulic wing, the blade is not needed. Make sure to check out the Ebling Sidekick Back Blade Snow Plow made specifically for 1/2 ton pickup trucks so you can put your entire fleet of trucks to work this winter with an Ebling Truck Fixed Wing Back Blade Snow Plow.

  • One-piece, all-welded construction on moldboard and wings
  • Heavy-gauge steel wing bolts to the side of the moldboard
  • Support arm on inside of each wing creates strong, rigid plow corner
  • Hydraulic down pressure for maximum scraping action
  • Carbon steel moldboard cutting edge and durable polyurethane wing cutting edges standard

Ebling Back Blades with Fixed Wings are snow plows for the back of your truck. Get a fixed wing Ebling Back Blade for your 1/2 Ton (Ebling Sidekick), 3/4 ton and 1-ton truck for a more efficient form of a snow plow.