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#1 Source for In Stock OEM Snow Plows, Plow Parts, Salt Spreaders, and Salt Spreader Parts from Western Snow Plows, Boss Plows, SnowDogg Snow Plows, and SaltDogg Spreaders. Low Prices and Customer Service That Can't Be Matched!

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Snow Removal Equipment – Wireless Innovations

SnowplowsPlus offers wireless remote controls and wireless hookups for spreaders and snow plows. Backed by a 1-year warranty and cheaper than wired replacement controllers, wireless is the way to go!

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Buy/Sell Used Snow Plows

Find a buyer for your used snow plow or spreader from the comfort of your home, and for free. Simply click below to be taken to White Gold Classifieds, create a free profile, list your used plow or snow equipment, and within minutes you’ll receive a confirmation email and your listing will show up on the site. Rather buy used than a new snow plow? SnowplowsPlus only sells new and OEM equipment direct from our four main manufacturers, Boss, Western, SnowDogg, and SaltDogg, however, you can browse through hundreds if not thousands of used plow listings close to your home or across the country.

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New Boss, Western, SnowDogg, & SaltDogg for 17/18!

Each year, SnowplowsPlus brings you the newest and greatest to hit the snow and ice industry from Boss, Western, SnowDogg, and SaltDogg. For the 2017/2018 winter season, new and game changing snow plows and spreaders are being released to help businesses and professionals like you get the job done more efficiently than ever. From the new SnowDogg Version 2 model of their snow plow lineup, to the all new Boss Stainless Steel Forge Hopper Spreader and Western Defender Snow Plows, you can bet that SnowplowsPlus will have you covered with all of the new plows and spreaders for 2017 and beyond.

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Universal Wireless Remote Controls for Salt Spreaders

Snowplowsplus, with our sister company ControlAllWireless are the only ones to provide universal wireless remote control solutions for the snow and ice industry. With hundreds of satisfied customers using our wireless on their snow plows and spreaders, businesses are realizing the potential in overall efficiency, durability, and savings compared to their original OEM remotes. Whether you have a dual electric powered hopper spreader, a gas tailgate spreader, a SnowDogg snow plow or anything in between, cut the cord and take advantage of wireless for less expensive than the cost of a wired OEM remote.

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Western Spreader Packages
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Boss Spreader Packages
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SaltDogg Spreader Packages
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Get those older used snow plows you have laying around upgraded and sell them to SnowplowsPlus. We’ll buy your used Western Ultramount Snow Plows or Boss Snow Plows from you so you don’t have to worry about selling on Craigslist or finding a good buyer for your used snow plows. Used snow plows are often difficult to sell online due to the fact that there isn’t a warranty that will follow from owner to owner, however SnowplowsPlus is here to be your buyer for your snow plow so you can move on and upgrade to a newer plow.

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