Ebling Tractor Snow Plow Back Blades

Ebling Tractor Snow Plow Back Blades

Ebling Snow Plow Back Blades for Tractors are hydraulically operated wing snow plows for the back of your tractor in sizes up to 16 ft to get the job done faster and more efficiently. With the push of a button, you can take your 8ft back blade and turn it into a 16ft back blade to easily clear roads in one pass, parking lots in just a few passes and all of your other agricultural areas in just a few minutes. With the time it took you to handle these areas with a standard 8ft plow will now be cut in half with the Ebling Tractor back blade.
The Ebling Tractor Hydraulic Wing Back Blade utilizes many of the same features seen on the truck models to offer a versatile, rugged Back Blade for tractor plowing applications.
• Two blade heights accommodate a range of tractor sizes
• One-piece, all-welded construction on moldboard and wings
• Forward rake angle on moldboard cutting edge for improved scraping action
• Break-away feature on each wing reduces the possibility of damage to the plow in the event of a collision with an obstruction
• Controls utilize the onboard 3-point and auxiliary hydraulic controls on the tractor
• Two remote valves required on back of tractor for independent wing control

  • Ebling Tractor Back Blade Hydraulic Wing Snow Plows

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    Must have a Forklift with Extensions on Shipment (Pallet is 8ft long)

    With an Ebling Tractor Back Blade, you get the job done twice as fast and twice as efficient.

    Coming in with 4 different blade lengths and 5 total plows, Ebling is the leading snow plow manufacturer of Ebling Tractor Back Blade snow plows and the only one with a revolutionary hydraulically controlled and operated plow wings to extend from 8′ to 16′ in total plowing surface.

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