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2017 New Snow and Ice Products. Updating As They are Announced.

The 2016/2017 winter season may have just ended, but we are already working towards next seasons 2017/2018 winter season to make sure our customers are provided with the newest innovative products to hit the snow and ice management industry.  SnowDogg/SaltDogg, Boss Plows, and Western Plows has already released some information on these new plows and spreaders. Pricing and availability will be released in the near future.

New Snow Plows & Spreaders for 2017/2018

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The SaltDogg PRO2000/PRO2500 salt spreaders XD series’ rugged design features a swing-away, high-flow chute for bulk spreading and unloading. The patented hopper design boasts double-walled, polyethylene construction with a 2.0 (PRO2000/XD2000) and 2.5 (PRO2500/XD2500) cubic yard capacity. The SaltDogg PRO XD series spreaders are available with a full-length auger or a 12-inch pintle chain feed mechanism.
Pricing and availability coming soon for the SnowDogg Gen II Snowplows by Buyers!
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More information on the Boss Forge 2.0 Spreader including pricing and availability coming soon! *NO BOSS DEALERS ARE ALLOWED TO SHIP ANY BOSS SPREADERS, BUY A WESTERN OR SALTDOGG IF YOU NEED ONE SHIPPED.*
Getting the job done right means using the right tool for the job. The WESTERN RB-400 walk-behind rotary broom is a combination sweeper/snow plow that scrapes and sweeps the surface clean along buildings, curbs and edging on just about any paved surface.
Western SS-120 Walk Behind Sidewalk Liquid Sprayer Western now offers the new Western SS-120 walk-behind liquid sprayer. Save your business money on additional salt or deicing material by applying liquid anti-icing treatment before the storm even hits. By applying liquid anti-icing treatment before the storm, operators can prevent snow and ice from forming a bond with the pavement, so it’s easy to scrape clean down to the surface. The battery-powered SS-120 walk-behind sprayer features a height-adjustable nozzle that sprays up to four feet wide and includes a convenient spray wand for stairs, entryways and other hard-to-reach places.
You don’t need a big truck to make a big impact. The new Western Impact UTV straight blade snow plow is a professional-grade snow plow designed to help out get the most out of your utility vehicle this winter. Built with the same high quality as all of our plows, this tough, compact plow easily adjusts to pass through gates and clear 5′ sidewalks with ease. Suited for a wide variety of models, the Western Impact UTV straight blade snow plow means you can now have year-round UTV fun and get your winter work done faster. Pricing includes Impact Snow Plow, all wiring for lights, straight blade controller, controller wiring, mount for your specific UTV
When it’s time to conquer the drifts in your driveway, the Western DEFENDER compact snow plow can help you clean up like a pro from the comfort of your own vehicle. Just hook it up to your mid-size pickup or SUV and plow your property how you want, when you want. Complete with a full-trip moldboard, scrape lock, easy on/easy off, and removal receiver brackets for when the plow isn’t in use, you’ll find out that this lightweight snow plow from Western is built to get the job done like a pro. Get a Western Defender this Winter and put your small truck to work by clearing your own driveway rather than waiting for someone else to do it and pay them potentially hundreds of dollars each winter.
The all NEW Western NightHawk Plow Headlamp Lights for a much brighter and larger line of sight when snow plowing late at night or in harsh storms with blowing snow.

Showing all 8 results