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What’s coming for the 2018/2019 snow season? SnowplowsPlus has all the information, prices, and availability of the newest and greatest from Western, SnowEx, SaltDogg, SnowDogg, Boss and Ebling. Find out what each of the biggest brands in the snow removal industry have in store for this season. While you’re here, Feel free to pre-order one and we’ll reserve your new plow or spreader today. From the new Western Wide-Out XL to the new Skid-Steer plows from SnowEx, you’ll find complete specifications including weights, length, material, and much more all in one one place.

  • Boss SKR Rubber Edge Skid Steer Box Plows

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    Rubber edge 8′ and 10′ skid-steer box plows for sensitive surfaces. Rugged support struts add structural strength, stability, and long-term reliability. Articulating wing shoes help keep the plow level and in contact with the pavement.

  • Boss VXT Plow Stainless Steel

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    The BOSS VXT has flared blade wings and enhanced curl design throw snow higher and farther than conventional plows. BOSS is pleased to introduce two stainless steel XT models, with the same features as the poly and steel models. The BOSS XT is a classic, proven innovation from BOSS that’s built to BACK YOU UP.

  • Boss Exact Path Drop Spreaders

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    2.5 and 6.0 cubic feet capacity drop spreaders. Drop deicing material along a precise path while protecting grass or landscaping. Ideal for sidewalks and walkways. Stainless steel hopper and frame for increased longevity. Variable speed control and adjustable feed gate for spreading a broad range of material. Polyethylene cover to help keep material dry and free-flowing. Three mounting options: Category 1; 3-point tractor hitch, UTV bed mount, and slide-in 2″ receiver for select compact vehicle applications.

  • Boss Forge 1.0 & 1.5 Stainless Hopper Spreader

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    The BOSS FORGE lineup is expanding across all fronts. BOSS now brings the power of stainless steel ice control to even more vehicles with the addition of the FORGE 1.0 and 1.5 to the FORGE family. The FORGE stainless steel hopper is constructed with a combination of bolting, riveting and welding for optimal durability and serviceability throughout the spreader’s lifetime—allowing you to maintain and replace individual parts rather than the entire unit. Both the hopper and the drive train are constructed with stainless steel, enhancing the sturdiness and durability of FORGE in adverse winter conditions. It’s another example of tough, reliable innovations from BOSS that are built to BACK YOU UP.

  • Boss Drag Pro Plow Rear Mounted Back Drag Plow

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    Introducing the most efficient way to clear snow faster than ever before, the Boss Drag Pro. The Boss Drag Pro Back Drag snow plow can be equipped on the back of your plow truck with your existing truck plow on the front. Available in 8ft Fixed Wing, 8′ – 12′ Hydraulic Folding Wing, and 8′ – 16′ hydraulic folding wing models. Go from an 8 foot plow to a 16 foot plow with the push of a button. When you buy from SnowplowsPlus, you not only get this new snow removal equipment that will take your game to the next level, but you get our exclusive wireless controller already pre-installed. No need for running wires throughout your truck. Control your plow from the comfort of your cab with the power of wireless controls in the palm of your hand.

  • Western Pro Plus HD Straight Blade 10′ Snow Plow

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    Make the most of the Class 4 to 6 trucks in your fleet with a plow that’s uniquely qualified to handle the workload. The WESTERN PRO PLUS HD snowplow lets you make short work of large parking lots and local streets.Forget business cards—distinguish yourself with the clean pavement you leave behind when using our heaviest duty plow. This HEAVY-DUTY 10′ STRAIGHT BLADE plow from Western comes with 34″ tall, 11-gauge, powder-coated steel moldboard is 10′ wide and designed to stand up to the extra demands of heavy-duty commercial and light municipal snowplowing.

    $7,999.00 $6,739.00
  • Western Wideout XL Adjustable Wing Snow Plow

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    With the all new Western Wideout XL snow plow, you are not only getting Western’s improvement on the best selling Western plow of all time in the Western Wideout, but you are getting an expandable winged snow plow up to 11′ in width, all at the push of a button. The taller, flared wings are new this year on both the Western Wideout 10ft plow and the Western Wideout XL 11ft plow. The Wideout XL plow extends to a full 11ft when in extended straight configuration, which allows you to move more snow with fewer passes. With a 36″ flared wing, found exclusively on the Wideout XL model, you’ll be able to provide unmatched versatility, letting operators control each wing to move into straight, extended straight, windrow, and scoop positions all at the touch of a button.

    $9,999.00 $8,512.00
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