Pro-Tech Skid-Steer Pull Back Pushers

Push and Back Drag
Skid steer snow pushers are considered by many to be the most popular type of containment snowplow. Skid steers offers a great deal of versatility, able to be used for landscaping and construction applications in warm weather and then snow removal during the winter. The Pullback Sno Pusher turns your standard rubber edge snow pusher into a double threat, giving it the ability to not only push but also back drag snow. Perfect for loading docks, parking spots, doorways, and other tight areas, customers simply tip the snow pusher forward and use the secondary plow edge to pull the snow backwards. As an extra benefit, the Pullback Sno Pusher can save customers time and money by reducing the need for shoveling or operating smaller snow removal equipment such as snow blowers. The Pullback Sno Pusher comes in sizes ranging from 6’ to 12’ for your skid steer.
Double Threat
Don’t just push snow, pull snow too! Adding a pullback or back drag kit to your snow pusher can significantly increase your productivity. Customers simply tip the plow forward and use the pull back/back drag edge to pull snow away from tight areas. The Pullback Sno Pusher also has a second pair of wear shoes that protect the snow pusher’s sideplate when pulling snow.

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