SaltDogg Under Tailgate Spreader - Hydraulic

SaltDogg Under Tailgate Spreader with hydraulic power drive for sale from SnowplowsPlus with seven total variations and the ability to easily spread deicing material such as bulk salt and salt & sand mixtures up to 40 feet away from your truck. The SaltDogg Under Tailgate Spreaders fit securely under your tailgate for dump bodies which are 96″ wide. Perfect for heavy-duty municipal or commercial use for large and widespread surface areas. There are many different variations of SaltDogg hydraulic under tailgate spreaders available below. SnowplowsPlus offers the entire SaltDogg catalog of under tailgate spreaders to meet your specific application and needs. Depending on the discharge location, either standard or drivers side, as well as the overall height of the sides, you’ll be able to select the perfect SaltDogg hydraulic under tailgate spreader below with ease. Have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out via live chat and we’ll help you out.

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