SnowEx Liquid Sprayers

SnowEx Liquid Sprayers

Tools You Need To Make Brine…And Apply It

SnowplowsPlus has the entire lineup of SnowEX Liquid brine equipment for a more efficient ice removal process. Check out the truck bed, walk behind, brine sprayers and brine makers from the leader in ice control, SnowEx. SnowEx Liquid Ice Control Systems are designed to handle Salt Brine, Calcium Chloride Brine, and Premium Branded Liquids. The SnowEx Liquid Solutions Program is your “one-stop shop” for equipment advice, materials support, pricing, training, parts, and more. Because your business is our priority, you’ll find low prices and the fastest shipping around from SnowplowsPlus.

  • SnowEx Brine Pro 2000

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    SnowEx Brine Pro 2000

    Now, just about anyone can make brine. That’s because the Brine Pro 2000 brine maker simplifies production with user-friendly operation, automatic salinity control and easy no-splash salt refilling. Basically, it removes all guesswork from the process, helping contractors confidently take brine making into their own hands. Plus, the system is compatible with low-flow water input and 220VAC electrical sources that are available in most shops. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

  • SnowEx Walk-Behind Sprayers

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    SnowEx Walk-Behind Sprayers

    SnowEx® push sprayers are completely electric-powered with the ability to spray brine through the spot spraying wand or front boomless nozzle. That means you can make short work of some of the toughest applications, like stairs and sidewalks.

  • SnowEx PWX-200, PWX-250 Liquid Brine Sprayer

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    SnowEx PWX-200, PWX-250 Liquid Brine Sprayers

    Built for use with the largest SnowEx spreaders, the PWX-200 and PWX-250 are the most efficient pre-wetting sprayers yet. They apply brine to the spreading material as it’s being delivered to the spinner, helping to lower salt usage and increase level of service. They’re seriously effective tools for the most serious snow and ice management professionals.

  • SnowEx PWS-175, PWS-225 Liquid Sprayer

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    SnowEx PWS-175, PWS-225 Brine Sprayers

    The PWS-175 and PWS-225 offer full integration with spreader models SP-8500, SP-8550, late model SP-9300 and SP-9500. That means the flow automatically adjusts according to the spread rate, making sure you don’t apply more or less brine than needed. The sprayers are also specially designed to treat material with brine right before it hits the spinner, helping to ensure maximum effectiveness.

  • SnowEx PWS-100 Liquid Pre-Wet System for Salt Spreaders

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    SnowEx PWS-100 Liquid Pre-Wet System for Salt Spreaders

    Looking for a more basic sprayer to get started in pre-wetting? Look no further than the PWS-100. This easy-to-use sprayer is compatible with our SP-1875, SP-3000, SP-6000 and SP-7550 spreaders, but it can also be used with spreaders from other manufacturers to wet material before it hits the spinner.

    $1,299.00 $982.00
  • SnowEx Liqui Maxx Liquid Spray System

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    SnowEx Liqui Maxx Liquid Spray Tank System

    With a wide range of tank sizes available, the Liqui Maxx spray system is fit for use on many types of vehicles — large or small. This purpose built system can handle most standard commercial applications, making it a versatile and valuable tool in your winter maintenance toolbox.

  • SnowEx AccuSpray VSS-1000 Liquid Sprayer

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    SnowEx AccuSpray VSS-1000 Sidewalk Sprayer

    This may be the ultimate sidewalk sprayer. With its 100-gallon capacity, 4-foot boom and spot spraying wand, the compact VSS-1000 conveniently fits utility vehicles, making it perfect for sidewalks and pedestrian walkways.

    $3,399.00 $2,917.00
  • SnowEx AccuSpray VSS-2000 & VSS-3000 Liquid Sprayer

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    SnowEx AccuSpray VSS-2000 & VSS-3000 Sprayers

    Designed specifically for brine applications, these truck-mounted sprayers are quiet, easy to maintain and ideal for most off-road applications. These fully electric-powered units help contractors reduce salt usage while increasing their level of service.

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