SnowEx SP-125 Spreader Controller Parts

SnowEx SP-125 Spreader Controller Parts are available from SnowplowsPlus and ready to ship out. You’ll find the complete wiring harness components as well as the controller parts itself to help you get back on the road fast. From the spreader control itself to the vehicle side harness and spreader side harness, we have all of the wiring and electrical components that make up your SnowEx SP-125 Utility tailgate spreader. All of the parts located below are 100% OEM. Don’t trust aftermarket parts found all over online. Trust your purchases from a SnowEx dealer to ensure your parts are warrantied and your spreader warranty stays intact.

Own a SnowEx SP-125 spreader but need all new wiring and new controller? As you can see, the cost will get up there pretty quickly. That’s why we are the only place that has a wireless controller conversion kit which allows you to replace all of your existing wiring and controller parts and make the switch to a wireless controller which allows you to swap your spreader from tuck to truck throughout the night.

SnowEx SP-100-1 Spreader Parts List Manuals

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