SnowEx VX-4200 Mounting Parts

SnowEx VX-4200 Mounting Parts are parts used to secure your SnowEx V-Maxx spreader to the bed of your dump truck or flat bed truck. When installing your spreader, you can’t simply place it in the back of your truck and drive away. You’ll end up having your spreader bounce around and eventually right off the back of your truck. Get yourself a new ratchet strap kit to help secure to the rear of your vehicle, along with frame mounting bolts which can be used to secure the bottom frame of your spreader to the bottom of your truck bed. Below you’ll find OEM parts from SnowEx specifically used to help mount your SnowEx VX-4200 including each individual nut, bolt and washer. We carry it all and you can buy all of the mounting parts below to have them shipped directly to your door. Click the link below to view your spreader’s manual parts list in a PDF format in order to view a parts breakdown diagram.

SnowEx VX-4200 V-Maxx Spreader Manual Parts List PDF

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