SnowEx SP-6000 Electrical Parts

SnowEx SP-6000 Electrical Parts are some of the most important and vital parts to the overall operation of your SnowEx V-Pro salt spreader. The parts below range from the spreader controller itself, to the vehicle side harness kit, spreader side harness kit, 3 post spreader module box and more. Don’t trust “the other guy’s” that sell aftermarket parts, especially with your electrical components of the SnowEx SP-6000 spreader. All of our parts are 100% OEM direct from SnowEx and we’ll get them to you fast so you can back on the road to laying salt.

Sick of buying wiring and controller parts? Then it’s time for you to check out our wireless controller kits for the SnowEx Truck V-Pro spreaders, including the SnowEx SP-6000. Replace all of your existing functions, including variable speed and vibrator controls with a wireless controller keyfob which fits snugly in the palm of your hand and controls your spreader from up to 500 ft away. Easily move your V-Pro spreader from truck to truck with your wireless kits. If you make the switch, you’ll end up saving hundreds of dollars overall if you are here to purchase all new OEM wiring and controller setup for your SnowEx V-Pro spreader.

SnowEx SP-3000 SP-6000 V Pro Product Manual

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