SnowEx UTV Bed Spreaders

SnowEx UTV Bed Spreaders

Turn your utility vehicle into an ice control master with a spreader designed specifically to fit the bed of most UTVs. The new SnowEx® Drop Pro drop spreader (SD-600-1) features an all new, user friendly and intuitive variable-speed digital control that offers flexible mounting options. With a 6-cubic-foot material capacity and a 36-inch spread width, the new SnowEx® drop spreader offers controlled application of bagged ice melters and bulk rock salt, making it the ultimate sidewalk spreading solution for use with UTVs, tractors and other compact vehicles.

The SD-600 and SD-1400 are the ultimate sidewalk salt spreaders. With their unique polyethylene hopper designs and consistent material delivery systems, these units drop material exactly where you want it. That means no more killing turf, and no more wasting salt.

The V-Pro SP-2000 spreader is specifically designed to accommodate the bed lengths and weight restrictions of most UTVs. Shorter and lighter than standard truck spreaders, this spreader lets you easily address applications where only a UTV can typically go, such as sidewalks, bike paths and driveways.

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