SnowDogg CM Snow Plow

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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Straight Blade Plow from SnowDogg. The Big Dogg.

The SnowDogg CM Snow Plow are typically used on heavy duty trucks including Super Duty and Medium Class pickup trucks with 14K-26K GVWR. The CM100 snowplow from SnowDogg is a heavy duty plow with 10' of actual blade width allowing you to get the job done faster. The Stainless Steel moldboard ensures your plow will stay in top performance year after year, as well as resist rust and corrosion.With SnowplowsPlus, you not only receive your plow in the price shown, but you also will receive a vehicle specific mount for your truck, free rubber deflector, as well as truck side wiring, and vehicle side wiring including the plow controller.All SnowDogg Plow Packages (For Trucks) include:
  • SnowDogg Plow Itself
  • SnowDogg Plow Wiring
  • Vehicle Specific Wiring
  • Controller
  • Vehicle Specific Undercarriage (Plow Mount Bracket)
  • Snow Plow Shoes
  • Snow Plow Deflector

SnowDogg CM100 Commercial/Municipal Snow Plow is a heavy duty 10ft stainless steel snow plow that means business. For Municipal and city use, or overall business use for larger parking lots, the SnowDogg CM100 is the largest SnowDogg snow plow on the market and is built to last. The SnowDogg CM series snow plow is for larger trucks and can handle anything you throw at it. SnowplowsPlus carries the CM100 and has the lowest prices around with fast shipping right to your door.

The largest snow plow by SnowDogg, the CM Series, SnowDogg CM100 Snowplow is the perfect solution for those large parking lots and long nights. Get the job done quicker with 2 extra feet from most standard plows. With the SnowDogg CM100 Snowplow you not only get 10′ of power, but the extra strength from Buyer’s trademark Stainless Steel moldboard ensures you can push through the largest snow banks with ease.
$6,930.00 $6,048.90

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