SnowDogg VMD Plows

SnowDogg VMD Plows

SnowDogg VMD Snow Plows are perfect for your half ton pickup such as F150s or Chevy 1500 trucks due to the light weight design of the plow. Don’t let the light weight fool you though, the SnowDogg VMD snow plow is durable and heavy duty to ensure you’ll still be able to compete with the big boys. The all stainless steel v-plow comes in at 7ft 6in and is completely setup with hydraulic controls in your cab with the SnowDogg hand held controller allowing you to easily go up, down, left right, scoop, v, and float. Click below for SnowDogg VMD prices, availability and shipping information. Born and built on the shores of Lake Erie, Buyers Products SnowDogg VMD75 Snow Plow gives contractors, property managers, and small business owners the versatility and power of a full size V-plow in a package optimized for 1/2 and 3/4 ton pickups and SUVs. Measuring 7-1/2 ft wing to wing, the VMD75 allows you to clear 6-1/2 ft when in the V, scoop, or side-angled positions.

  • SnowDogg VMD75 V Plow Snow Plow

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    With a 70 degree attack angle, and tough stainless steel corrosion-free moldboard construction, you can breath easy that the SnowDogg VMD75 V-Plow Snow Plow is the perfect choice for…

    $5,999.00 $5,800.00
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