SnowDogg XP810 Snow Plow

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The SnowDogg XP810 Snow Plow is an extra wide plow that allows you to hydraulically expand the plow wings and add 24" to your plowing width. Adjusting the plow width on the fly allows you to compensate for changing terrain and obstacles such as drive-thrus, driveways, and narrow spots. The XP series plows are big boys, ideally used for commercial users and on 3/4-Ton and larger trucks. Checkout detailed information, specifications, weights and prices of the SnowDogg XP810 Snow Plow now.

All SnowDogg Plow Packages (For Trucks) include:

  • SnowDogg Plow Itself
  • SnowDogg Plow Wiring
  • Vehicle Specific Wiring
  • Controller
  • Vehicle Specific Undercarriage (Plow Mount Bracket)
  • Snow Plow Shoes
  • Snow Plow Deflector

SnowDogg XP810 Snow Plows for sale and ready to ship to your door fast! We have the lowest prices around on SnowDogg XP snow plows with hydraulically expanding wings which allow your snow plow to go from 8ft to 10ft in an instant and all from the comfort of your truck cab. Check out prices, specifications and the overall benefits of switching to the all stainless steel SnowDogg Snow Plows from SnowplowsPlus today!

Big jobs stand no match. Little jobs are a breeze. The SnowDogg XP series XP810 Snow Plow ensures that any job that comes your way is a knocked out efficiently and with maximum performance. The only SnowDogg plow that allows you to hydraulically control your plow wings and add a full 24″ to your plowing width on the fly, the SnowDogg XP810 snow plow comes standard with the SnowDogg snow plow blade itself, wiring, controller, snow deflector, and truck specific mount/undercarriage. With a stainless steel blade, a free snow deflector, free plow shoes, and a complete plow setup to get you plowing tomorrow, the XP810 Snow Plow from Buyers is the way to go.

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