Western Heavyweight Plow

Western Heavyweight Plow

Western Heavyweight Plow for municipal use and for those that want that extra couple feet compared to standard professional snow plows. Buy now to have it shipped to you along with a new mount, wiring, and controller in a complete Snow Plow Package. Built for trucks in the 14,000-27,000 GVW range, the 10′ wide WESTERN HEAVYWEIGHT snow plow delivers the durability you need and the strength you demand to make short work of large parking lots and local streets. The heavy duty and durable Western Heavyweight plow is a municipal sized plow that means business. Clear those city streets, parking lots, and anything else that stands in your way when you trust the power of a Western Heavyweight plow from SnowplowsPlus.western quick match, western quickmatch

  • Western Pro Plus HD Straight Blade 10′ Snow Plow

    Make the most of the Class 4 to 6 trucks in your fleet with a plow that’s uniquely qualified to handle the workload. The WESTERN PRO PLUS HD snowplow lets you make short work of large parking lots and local streets.Forget business cards—distinguish yourself with the clean pavement you leave behind when using our heaviest duty plow. This HEAVY-DUTY 10′ STRAIGHT BLADE plow from Western comes with 34″ tall, 11-gauge, powder-coated steel moldboard is 10′ wide and designed to stand up to the extra demands of heavy-duty commercial and light municipal snowplowing.

    $7,999.00 $6,400.00
  • Western Heavyweight Snow Plow

    If you’ve ever sat in the cab of a truck while in control of a snow plow, you know it can be a heavy duty job, which sometimes requires a little bit of heavy duty power. With the Western Heavyweight Snow Plow, the name explains itself. With the largest blade available from WESTERN Plows, the 10’ wide Western HEAVYWEIGHT snow plow is made for trucks in the 14,000-27,000 GVW range. You can count on these plows for light municipal plowing applications like local streets, parks, county roads, parking lots and more. This is for the big boys and can handle any job thrown at it due to the overall strength of the plow as well as a trip blade protection that can’t be matched!

    $6,900.00 $6,600.00
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