Western Pro Plow Series 2

Western Pro Plow Series 2

Western Pro Plow Series 2 snow plow packages come with everything you need to completely take your snow removal company to the next level, or get into the game all together. Clear your own business parking lot or knock out the neighbors driveway this winter with your Western Pro Plow, for the professionals. When your customers are counting on you, you can count on the WESTERN PRO-PLOW Series 2 snow plow, one of the best-selling straight blades in the business. With the Western Pro Plow Series 2 on the front of your truck, you’ve got your customer’s back.

The slick surface of the POLY Western Pro Plow Series 2 is made from thermal-formed, high-density polyethylene to provide superior snow-rolling action for plowing efficiency. The poly surface is rust-proof and maintenance-free. Trip blade features four heavy-duty coil springs and a shock absorber to soften blade return.western quick match, western quickmatch

  • Western Pro Plow Series 2 Snow Plow

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    The Western Pro Plow Series 2 Snow Plow is for professional snow removal crews that want to get the job done right the first time. The rugged moldboard on the Western Pro Plow Snow Plow is 29″ tall and comes in 11-gauge powder coated steel in 7′ 6″, 8′, and 8′ 6″ widths. It is also available in 3/8″ high-density polyethylene* in 7′ 6″ and 8′ widths. The durable poly blade provides a slick surface for enhanced snow-rolling action and a maintenance-free surface. The steel blade on the Western Pro Plow features our high quality ULTRAFINISH powder coat surface. A 60-degree attack angle delivers balanced, clean-scraping performance, and a high carbon steel cutting edge comes standard to reduce wear and extend the life of the blade. *A rubber snow deflector comes standard on the poly version.

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