Western Prodigy

Western Prodigy

Western Prodigy Multi-Winged Snow Plow is an easy to use, but beastly snow plow from Western that expands to 10ft in length based on the force and weight of the snow against the 8 foot blade. Find prices and availability for shipping of the Western Prodigy plow to take your snow removal business to the next step. Even the newest driver on your crew can plow like a seasoned pro. The WESTERN PRODIGY snowplow is a winged plow with a straight blade control so plowers at any level are automatically more productive. Less time training and less time per lot means you’ll be more profitable faster. Automatically change position as you maneuver the blade, to maximize plowing efficiency.

When positioned for straight-ahead plowing, both PRODIGY wings angle forward, defaulting to an 8′ 7″ wide scoop position for maximum snow pushing and stacking ability. As the blade angles, a heavy-duty coil compression spring and cable assembly pulls the trailing wing back in line with the moldboard, while the leading wing remains angled forward to direct snow into the moldboard. Fully angled, you’ll windrow a full 7′ 10″ swath with virtually no spill-off.western quick match, western quickmatch

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    The Western Prodigy Snow Plow is perfect for those professionals that want more out of their snow plows with a scoop feature which is automatically controlled based on the weight and the force applied on the blade by the snow. The 29½” tall, 12-gauge powder coated steel moldboard features a patented mechanical wing design that delivers a plowing path of 8′ 7″ in scoop mode and 9′ 8″ with both wings pinned back straight. The 70-degree attack angle ensures a clean scrape with every pass and a high carbon steel cutting edge comes standard, reducing wear and extending the life of the blade.

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