Western 500 Salt Spreader Parts

Western 500 Salt Spreader Parts and Accessories. Spinner assembly parts, hopper parts, motor replacement, controllers, wiring and more. The hottest selling tailgate spreader on the market is the Western Low Profile model 500 tailgate spreader, and SnowplowsPlus carries all of the parts you could ever need to make any and all repairs. With SnowplowsPlus, you can even cut the wires, sell or throw out all of your existing wiring and controller, while making the switch to a wireless controller. Our wireless controller kit converts your existing wired controller to a wireless hookup allowing you to replace all of your existing functions as well as add the ability for a vibrate or aux light to also be controlled from your new wireless controller. This makes it easier than ever to move your tailgate spreader from truck to truck without having to wire up multiple trucks. If you have other repairs to make on your Western Low Pro 500 spreader, you’ve come to the right spot. We carry the entire makeup and build of the Western 500 Spreader spreaders at everyday low prices and fast shipping allowing you to make that repair and get back to work faster than ever.