Western Striker Hopper Spreader

Western Striker Hopper Spreader Packages

The Western Striker Hopper Spreader is brand new for 2015 from Western and their already popular spreader lineup. The Striker has a stainless steel hopper which provides the maximum protection from corrosion and rust. The innovative chute, designed by Western, delivers your deicing material to the exact areas you are looking to melt ice on. The huge 15 1/2" poly spinner is designed in away that throws the salt and casts it completely away from your truck. The latest beast from Western has raised the bar for commercial deicing performance with the most profitable spreading machine ever constructed and the ability to spread up to 40 feet from your truck or on one side of your truck or the other with ease!With SnowplowsPlus, when you buy the Western Striker Hopper Spreader, you have the option to purchase one of our WIRELESS spreader units to turn your Western Striker into a wireless spreading machine and up to a 500 foot wireless radius remote control system. No more drilling into your truck firewall and into your dashboard just to wire your controller. Simply tap into your 12V on your truck and your set!

Western Striker Hopper Spreaders for sale from SnowplowsPlus and ready to ship to your door. The Western Striker spreader is a stainless steel heavy-duty municipal sized salt spreader for commercial and residential use. Fits securely in your truck bed and holds enough deicing material to cover you for hours of laying salt. Trust the power of a Western and know that when you buy new you also get the Western protection warranty of 2 year parts and labor. Checkout in depth information about each variation of the Western Striker spreader including prices, weight, dimensions, hopper capacity and more

Minimize waste and maximize profits with the new Western Striker Stainless Steel Hopper Spreader. An innovative chute design delivers deicing material such as salt and sand to precise areas on the 15 ½” poly spinner to cast it out and away from your truck, while the deflector offers one-sided deployment, providing more targeted, more profitable spreading. The Western Striker Spreader was built for supreme durability and loaded with the latest in snow and ice control technology — raising the bar for commercial de-icing performance.
Western Products, manufacturer of WESTERN snow removal and ice control equipment, recently launched its all-new pre-wet system for the Western Striker stainless steel and Western Tornado poly hopper spreaders. Each system features a corrosion-resistant protected enclosure for pump, electronics and valves and is available with 25- and 50-gallon poly tank capacities for Striker models and 25-gallon poly tank capacities for Tornado models.

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