Western Plow Wiring Harness Repair Ends

Sometimes throughout the life of your plow, while hooked up to your plow truck, you may experience issues with your electronic components or plow lights. Rather than buying an entire new wiring harness for your Western plow, we offer Western Plow Wiring Harness Repair Ends which allow you to cut the faulty end of your existing wiring harness and splice in the new repair end to complete your connection. From power and ground harnesses to light harnesses and battery cables, SnowplowsPlus has you covered with a less expensive option of repairing your electronic components on your Western snow plows. When your electronics start acting up, be sure to first check fuses before spending money on replacement parts and components, but once you’ve determined it to be a faulty wiring harness be sure to stop by SnowplowsPlus.

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