Wireless Salt Spreader Solutions


Cut Your Wires. Convert to Universal Wireless Remote Controls for Salt/Sand Spreaders.

Wireless Salt Spreader and Sand Spreader Solutions allow you to convert your salt or sand Spreader into a wireless spreader with ease. Tailgate spreaders including the Western 500 and 1000 as well as the Boss TGS or SaltDogg Tailgate Spreaders (specific models apply to plug-n-play) can be plugged into your existing 7 prong plugin for a plug n play system which then gives you a 500 foot radius remote control that fits in the palm of your hand. No more drilling! No more running wires through your truck firewall! Plug, Play, Wireless! Move Truck to Truck in minutes! Carrying universal DC wireless remote controls for single gas engine spreaders, single electric engine spreaders, dual electric spreaders, tailgate spreader, hopper spreaders and everything in between. No limitations on spreader brands. If your spreader material needs are brine, salt, sand, or any other ice melt material, our remotes can handle anything you throw at it. All the benefits of wireless for less expensive than your wired OEM spreader controller. SnowplowsPlus is your home to Universal Wireless DC Remote Control Kits

Wireless remote controller conversion kits for salt spreaders are one of the most common applications our wireless remote controls are used on. Our weather protected and weather podded wireless transmitters and wireless receiver kits can be installed on all of the major salt spreader brands on the market today.

Salt Spreader Wireless Controller Kits By Brand

Salt Spreader Wireless Controller Kits By Brand (137)

Out wireless controller kits work with just about every salt spreader and sander on the market today. Some of the largest brands and most popular salt spreaders work with our wireless controller kits to help you cut the cords on that expensive wiring and bulky controller for an easy to install wireless controller conversion kit that fits in the palm of your hand. No more drilling into your cab or worrying about frayed wires. Those OEM spreader controller can be a pain point too. They are so bulky and take up tons of space in your truck cab, not to mention the requirement of having to drill into your truck altogether. With ControlAllWireless and SnowplowsPlus, you can buy a wireless controller kit, install it in 20 minutes or less and never have to think about it again.
Spreader Replacement Wireless Remotes

Spreader Replacement Wireless Remotes (7)

Buy a brand new wireless transmitter remote controller for your wireless salt spreader from SnowplowsPlus and Control All Wireless if you ever misplace your original, or you simply would like to have multiple remotes tied to a single wireless receiver. Replace your salt spreader remote controller for a wireless controller with a connection up to 500 feet away.
Universal Salt Spreader Wireless Remote Control Conversion Kits

Universal Salt Spreader Wireless Remote Control Conversion Kits (17)

Convert your salt spreader or sand spreader into a wireless remote controller in minutes. Easy to install and works on ever spreader on the market today. Our wireless controllers work with Meyer spreaders, SaltDogg, Swenson, Western, Boss, Snow-Way, Snow-Ex, Hiniker, and everything in between providing a true universal salt spreader wireless controller solution from up to 500 feet away.
Wireless Salt/Sand Spreaders

Wireless Salt/Sand Spreaders (12)

If you're in the market for a brand new salt or sand spreader, buy one from SnowplowsPlus to have it delivered to your door preinstalled and converted to a wireless remote controller kit. We're the only place to offer universal wireless remote control systems for any brand, make, or model of salt spreader on the market today. Salt spreaders with wireless are for sale from Boss, Western, and SaltDogg.
Wireless Spreader Accessories

Wireless Spreader Accessories (14)

If you're in the process of converting your salt spreader to a wireless remote controller kit, then you may need some extra parts such as extra covers for wiring when not in use, or maybe you need a stronger connection due to installation of your wireless receiver behind a metal enclosure then you can buy an antenna extender. We have new positive and negative ground and power cables as well if you'd like wire up multiple trucks on your fleet for wireless remote controllers for all of your salt spreaders.