Dual DC Electric Salt Spreader Wireless Controllers

Dual DC Electric Salt Spreader Wireless Controllers

Dual DC Electric Salt Spreader Wireless Controllers allow you to convert your existing wired controller on your salt spreader to a wireless controller with ease. Replace all of your existing functions found on your OEM spreader controller when you make the switch including variable speed, vibrate, aux light and more. Our controllers are easy to install and are built to last. Complete weather potted receivers ensure that it will withstand anything you throw at it including rain, snow sleet, ice and extreme cold. Dual electric motor powered Salt Spreaders such as the Western Tornado, Fisher PolyHawk, SaltDogg, Meyer, Swenson or any other major brand on the market today can be converted to a wireless remote controller salt spreader with ease.

  • 6500DCKIT – Dual Electric Motor Universal Wireless Controller Kit

    The 6500DCKIT is a wireless controller kit which allows you to convert any dual electric motor application to wireless with ease. Commonly used with salt sand spreaders, the 6500DCKIT easily converts any dual dc motor salt spreader from all of the biggest brands including spreaders from Western, Boss, SaltDogg, Meyer, Swenson, Fisher or any other brand salt spreader with a dual DC electric motor. Convert from wired to wireless easily and take advantage of this wireless remote controller that can control all of your existing functions from up to 100 ft away, without ANY interruptions. The kit can be easily installed to your existing spreader or application by simply running the included power and ground wiring from your truck’s battery to the back of your vehicle so you can move your spreader from truck to truck more easily. Even at this price, it’s still cheaper than OEM new wiring and controller, which can cost upwards of $800 for all new parts. That means after you buy our universal salt spreader wireless controller, you can sell your old OEM control box, controller wiring, and control mount and never look back. The 6500DC wireless controller kit replaces all of your existing functions while allowing you to also control your vibrator or auxiliary light from the palm of your hand.

  • 6500RECEIVERONLY – 6500DC Dual Motor Wireless Controller Receiver (No Controller or Wiring Included)

    This is the receiver for the 6500DCKIT for all dual motor salt spreaders. The only time you should ever need to buy this unit is if you’ve burned up your old receiver or damaged it in some way. If you’re looking for the complete conversion kit for your 12V DC dual motor salt spreader, check out our 6500DCKIT.

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