Boss Trip-Edge Snow Plows
Boss Trip Edge Plow – Steel snowplow
Boss Trip Edge Plow – Steel snowplow
Boss Trip Edge Plow – Stainless Steel snowplow
Boss Trip Edge Plow – Stainless Steel snowplow
Super Duty Trip Steel

Boss Trip Edge Plows

Boss Trip-Edge Snow Plows

Boss Trip Edge Plows

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Boss Trip Edge Snowplow – Super Duty Straight-Blade Plows

Utilizing the deep, wet compacted snow from the Northeast as motivation, THE BOSS Trip Edge snowplow is built to power through that notorious build up, no matter what obstacles lay underneath. The extra rigid moldboard along with trip-edge technology helps to ensure that only the base angle trips when coming across an obstacle–not your whole blade–which indicates you won’t drop the load you’re moving. And as opposed to the competition, THE BOSS Trip Edge snowplow features 4 adjustable trip return springs, permitting you to modify the trip spring tension for the task at hand.
****Due to the Boss snow plow 2016 contract no distributor is allowed to ship a Boss snow plow or spreader outside of their individual territory. As we understand many of you may not have a dealer near you, or your nearest dealer may not stock the product you need. Unfortunately at this time we cannot help you. You may refer to Boss snow plows dealer locator by following this link or call Boss direct at 1-800-286-4155.****



Boss Trip Edge Plows

BOSS Trip Edge Snow plows are engineered to power through the heaviest snow and any obstacles that come with it. The extra-rigid moldboard and trip-edge technology ensure that only the base angle trips when you hit an obstacle, so you won’t lose the load you’re pushing. Boss Trip Edge Plows feature four adjustable trip return springs, so you can customize the trip spring tension for the job at hand. Available in steel and stainless steel for both pickup truck and skid steer applications.

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Boss Trip Edge Snowplows Standard Features

  • Trip-Edge Design helps to prevent plow damage when an obstacle is encountered.
  • Adjustable Trip Springs allow you to customize the trip spring tension.
  • Cast-Iron Plow Shoes provide extended wear resistance compared to steel shoes.
  • Reinforced Moldboard increases blade rigidity for increased durability.
  • Heavy-Duty Push Frame And Quadrant for additional strength and reliability.
  • High-Performance Hydraulic Package delivers reliability and speed.
  • Enclosed Hydraulics protects against corrosion and hydraulic freeze-up (truck plows only).
  • Chainless Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting System greatly reduces bounce during transport and provides full float capability (truck plows only).
  • SmartLight 2 halogen light system for great visibility (truck plows only).
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty protects against material defects for peace of mind.

Boss Trip Edge Plow In Action

Check out what the Boss Trip Edge Plows can do for your business. Take on bigger jobs with ease and assurance that your plow and truck are in good hands with the Boss Trip Edge technology.

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Boss Trip Edge Snow Plow Toughest Trips

  • Boss Trip Edge Plows provide a trip-edge design that can’t be beat by any other plow on the market.  The base angle or cutting edge trips back to protect the plow and truck from damage when obstacles are encountered.
  • Adjustable trip springs allow you to adjust the trip-edge tension according to the job at hand.
  • The High-Strength steel 1″ diameter pivot pin lasts longer and increases the life of the plow overall with Boss durability and strength.
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Additional information

Weight 828 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 in
Blade Size

7.6, 8.0, 9.0


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