Boss Standard Duty Snow Plows
Boss Standard Duty Snow Plows
Boss Standard Duty Snow Plows

Boss Standard Duty Plow

Boss Standard Duty Snow Plows

Boss Standard Duty Plow

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Boss Standard-Duty Plow

The boss standard duty plow is a classic snowplow that has already been put to the test by thousands of Boss customers throughout the years. This plow is so good that even with the Boss Super and Boss DXT, customers like you still purchase this durable snowplow. It’s because it’s been through the winter months without problems that they keep flying off the shelves. The Boss Standard-Duty Plow is a 7’6″ snowplow that has that Boss strength and moldboard that allows for the standard-duty plow to act like all of the rest of the Boss plows.

****Due to the Boss snow plow 2016 contract no distributor is allowed to ship a Boss snowplow or spreader outside of their individual territory. As we understand many of you may not have a dealer near you, or your nearest dealer may not stock the product you need. Unfortunately at this time we cannot help you. You may refer to Boss snow plows dealer locator by following this link or call Boss direct at 1-800-286-4155.****

Complete Plow Package

Prices shown include Snow Plow, Vehicle specific wiring, Vehicle specific mount undercarriage kit, Plow controller.

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Boss Standard Duty Plows

  • The Boss Standard Duty Plow may be small at 7’6″ in width, but this Steel blade is a great plow for smaller applications such as residential driveways.
  • Compared to the other “Standard sized plows” on the market, Boss holds the advantage in almost every category. Boss leads the way with the most trip return springs with 3, as well as a 27 1/2″ blade height and a chain-less plow lift system.  Boss is one of the only ones on the market that offer a 100% hydraulic plow lift system for their Standard-Duty plow size, and that advantage is one in itself that takes the cake for Boss Standard-duty plows.

Boss Standard-Duty Plow Features

  • Boss is one of the only plow manufactures that offers an easy attachment system with all of their plows. The Boss Standard-Duty plow is no exception to that rule. The SmartHigh2 Attachment system features a simple 3-step process for hooking up your plow to your truck. Simply flip, plug and click. It’s designed to be easy to use even in the worst conditions and in low light.
  • The shock absorber stabilizes the trip going froward as well as cushions the trip on the return when obstacles are struck unknowingly.

Boss Standard-Duty Plow – Trip-Edge in Action

With a trip-edge, you protect your plow from hitting any objects underneath the snow, like cracks in the pavement or manhole covers. Check out these straight-blade trip-edge snowplows in action.

Boss Standard-Duty Plow – Benefits

  • The SmartTouch2 Plow controller is easy to use for right handed or left handed use. The SmartTouch2 Plow controller for the Boss Standard Duty plow comes with a removable handle providing several mounting options for the user. With only a few buttons, the controls of the plow have never been easier.
  • The High-Performance Hydraulic package of the Boss Standard-Duty Plows are built for two things, speed and reliability.  With easy troubleshooting in the rare time of error, interchangeable parts for convenient and quick repairs were incorporated into the plow as well as the completely enclosed hydraulic system providing for long term reliability and performance.

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