12ft Ebling Back Blade Hydraulic Wing Snow Plow for Trucks

12ft Ebling Back Blade Hydraulic Wing Snow Plow for Trucks

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12ft Ebling Back Blade Hydraulic Wing Snow Plow for Trucks

Ebling 12ft Truck Backblade

12ft Ebling Back Blade Hydraulic Wing Snow Plow for Trucks

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Earn 650 Reward Points
$7,150.00 $6,500.00

**Must have a Forklift with Extensions on Shipment (Pallet is 8ft long)**

12 ft Ebling Back Blade Hydraulic Wing Snow Plows

Get all of your snow plow jobs knocked out twice as fast with a 12ft Ebling Back Blade Snow Plow.

There are many snow plowing applications where an Ebling Back Blade, a plow designed to pull snow rather than push, gets the job done better and in less time than with a front plow. Not only does this put less strain on your plow truck due to using your truck the way it’s meant to be used with pulling instead of pushing, but it also makes you money due to the added efficiency and extra profits from being able to take on extra jobs

Complete Plow Package

Prices shown include Snow Plow, Vehicle specific wiring, Vehicle specific mount undercarriage kit, Plow controller.

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12ft Ebling Back Blade Hydraulic Wing Snow Plows. When You Mean Business.

The Ebling Back Blades are changing the game and the snow removal industry overall. The 12ft Ebling Hydraulic Wing Back Blade Snow Plow for Trucks is the largest truck snow plow on the market today. The 12ft version of the hydraulic wing Back Blade snow plow from Ebling starts off at a size of 8ft when in travel position to adhere to all snow plow driving laws in all 50 states. When you arrive at your parking lot, residential, or otherwise you simply reach for your onboard controller to control your hydraulically powered wings to fully extend to 12ft.

Think of the extra time you could use to pick up more snow plow jobs. While other companies are sitting tight with 20-30 jobs to cover per winter, you could go for 50 or 60 just by upgrading to a new snow plow for cheaper than it costs for a 8ft plow.

Rugged Ebling Back Blade Snow Plow Built to Last

The Ebling Truck Hydraulic Wing Back Blade is designed and constructed to be one of the most rugged in the snow plowing industry.

  • One-piece, all-welded construction on moldboard and wings
  • Moldboard design accepts any size hydraulic wing
  • Hydraulic down pressure for maximum scraping action
  • Break-away feature on each wing reduces possibility of damage to the plow in the event of a collision with an obstruction
  • Carbon steel moldboard cutting edge and durable polyurethane wing cutting edges standard

Quick Detach Ebling Back Blade Attachment System

The Ebling Quick-Detach Back Blade attachment system allows fast
mounting & de-mounting of the plow, and enhances Back Blade
performance while plowing.

  • Rugged steel arms engage in pockets of truck mount
  • 1” diameter steel pins secure the arms in the truck mount pockets
  • 4-bar parallel linkage design guides plow straight up and down
  • Stabilizer bar helps maintain cutting edge contact with uneven terrain
  • Built-in plow stand for de-mounting and off-season storage. Plow stand is easily stored on the QD channel for full use of the truck’s tailgate
  • The universal QD channel will accept all 3 removable QD arm sets.
    This will allow the blade and universal QD channel with pump to be
    transferred in the future to either Ford, GM or Dodge pickup trucks
    simply by purchasing a truck specific mount and potentially the corresponding QD arm set

Ebling Back Blade Truck Mount

The Ebling Back Blade truck plow mount is a heavy-duty, multi-purpose unit that bolts to the truck frame and typically replaces the factory trailer hitch (if so equipped).

  • Vehicle-specific design
  • Low profile, under-bumper configuration
  • Integral V-5 rated hitch receiver
  • (14,000 lb.GTW / 1,400 lb.TW)
  • Custom applications available
Ebling Back Blade Truck Mount

Ebling Back Blade Electrical Power Connections

  • Quality electrical components ensure a positive connection to your
    vehicle and provide less downtime.
  • The power connections for the Ebling Back Blade are typically
    mounted into the side of the pickup truck box near the rear but can
    easily be relocated for a flatbed or other application.
  • Power cords come 7ft standard length. Long enough to go up and
    over the tailgate or to another location

Ebling Back Blade Hydraulic Pump

  • The Ebling pickup truck Back Blade is powered by an American made, self-contained hydraulic power unit with integral fluid reservoir and onboard valves. The pump is mounted vertically on the back side of the Universal QD channel. This vertical mount allows the tailgate to fully open without interfering with the pump. It also allows easy access for maintenance.
  • Plow with confidence knowing that the fluid reservoir and pump are protected on the bottom and sides by a 3/16” steel enclosure and that all wiring is secure under the easy on/off pump cover.
  • The hydraulic pump can easily produce enough power to transfer weight from the rear of the truck to the Back Blade.
  • The down pressure along with a steel cutting edge is capable of scraping up hard pack snow and leaving a clean surface.
Ebling Back Blade Hydraulic Pump

Ebling Back Blade Controllers

  • Large levers for positive control of blade movements
  • On/off switch to de-energize power to blade when not in use
  • Independent wing control levers can stop a wing in any position between fully closed and fully open (hydraulic wing models only)
  • Remote raise/lower switch at rear of vehicle for mounting and de-mounting back blade
  • Customized applications, including combined arrangement with front blade controls, are also available
Ebling Back Blade Snow plow Controllers

  • Heavy duty back blade designed for 3/4 ton and 1 ton single rear wheel trucks.
  • 90″ Moldboard.
  • 21″ blade height
  • Approximately 2ft wings
  • Overall width in the open position” 12′
  • Overall width in the closed position: 8′
  • Approximate blade weight: 715 lbs.
  • 4 arm lift system ensures a straight vertical lift pattern.
  • Adjustable top arms to accommodate different height trucks.
  • Adjustable QD arms making the blade universal to fit other trucks.
  • Bucher hydraulic pump is hard wired to the vehicles electrical system.
  • Hydraulic pump is mounted to the plow and is protected by a 3/16 steel pump box with an easy to remove steel top.
  • Hydraulic down pressure for maximum scraping action. Relief set at 2300 lbs.
  • 1/2″ Carbon steel moldboard cutting edge and durable 1″ x 6″ Type 2 Polyurethane wing cutting edges are standard.
  • Brake away shear bolt on each wing along with hydraulic relief reduces the possibility for cylinder and wing damage when an obstruction is hit.
  • Remote switch at rear of truck mounted on a stainless steel plate or recessed in truck bed for quick attach/detach of back blade.
  • Professional control box can be mounted in cab and unplugged during off season.
  • Full use of truck tailgate
  • Built in plow stand for off season storage.
  • Ebling Truck Mount replaces OEM receiver hitch for all Ford and GM trucks. Ebling truck mount is installed on Dodge trucks without disrupting the 2″ receiver hitch.
  • Ebling Truck Mount is specific to vehicle make/model/year/box length
  • Consult Ebling when mounting to trucks with dual wheels or trucks that have a flat/dump bed.
  • Powder coat finish.
  • 1 year warranty

Ebling Hydraulic Wing Backblade Specifications and Weights

Additional information

Weight715 lbs
Dimensions40 × 40 × 40 in


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