SaltDogg SHPE2000 Poly Electric Drive Hopper Spreader

SaltDogg SHPE2000 Poly Electric Drive Hopper Spreader

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The SHPE2000 spreader by SaltDogg is one of the most popular and most durable spreaders on the market today. With dual 12V DC electric driven motors, you’ll be able to spread up to 5′-30′ away. The SaltDogg SHPE2000 spreader comes standard with a vibrator as well as a top screen and 14″ Poly Spinner. The large 2 cubic yard capacity found on the SHPE2000 allows you to carry large amounts of bulk salt or 50/50 salt/sand mix on your 1-Ton truck. Check out the rest of the in depth information including prices below and buy today to have one shipped to your door.

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SaltDogg SHPE2000 Salt Spreader For Sale

SaltDogg SHPE2000 Poly Electric Drive Hopper Spreader

Spread Material: bulk salt, salt & sand mix
Feed Mechanism: 2-1/2″ stainless steel auger and trough
Power Source: electric

  • Capacity: 2.00 cu. yds
  • Double-wall poly-molded hopper
  • Material spread up to 30′
  • Two 12 VDC direct drive gear motors (1/2 HP for auger, 1/4 HP for spinner)
  • 2-1/2″ diameter stainless steel auger and trough
  • Spinner assembly can be easily removed for cleaning and storage
  • Includes 200 lb. vibrator, top screen, tarp, tie-downs, remote auger bearing grease kit
  • Not recommended for highway use
  • Available in Black, Red, or Yellow

650DCKEYFOB - Replacement Wireless Remote Control Transmitter for Dual Motor Spreaders 650DC

SaltDogg SHPE2000 Poly Electric Drive Hopper Spreader Wireless Controllers EXCLUSIVE from SNOWPLOWSPLUS

Part # 650DC is a wireless receiver and wireless transmitter and comes with  a wireless remote transmitter and wireless receiver for a dual dc motor powered salt spreader such as spreaders from Western, Boss, SaltDogg, Meyer, Swenson, Fisher or any other brand salt spreader with a dual DC electric motor. Also used as a variable speed control on all dual electric motors up to 1/3hp. Convert easily and use a wireless remote controller that can control all of your existing functions from up to 100 ft away. Wire your trucks up with an 8 gauge power/ground to the back of your truck and plug in with Anderson Plug Quick Disconnects so you can move your spreader from truck to truck more easily. Even at this price, it’s still cheaper than OEM new wiring and controller, which can cost upwards of $800 for all new parts. That means after you buy our universal salt spreader wireless controller, you can sell your old OEM control box, controller wiring, and control mount and never look back. The wireless controller replaces all of your existing functions including variable speed control. Works with 12V DC Voltage Up to 500′ Range

SaltDogg SHPE2000 Salt Spreader For Sale

SaltDogg SHPE2000 Poly Electric Drive Hopper Spreader

Capacity2 cu. yds.
ConstructionPolyethylene, Black, Red, Yellow
ControllerVariable Auger Speed | Variable Spinner Speed | Vibrator Switch | Utility Light Output
CoverHD Poly-Vinyl Tarp
Feed Mechanism2.5″ Stainless Steel Auger & Trough
Hopper Dimensions96″ x 48″ x 40″
Hopper Length96″
Hopper Width47.8″
Ideal UseMedium & Heavy-Duty Commercial
Overall Height40″
Overall Width47.8″
Power Source(2) 12V DC direct drive
Spinner14″ Poly
Spreading MaterialBulk Salt; 50/50 Salt/Sand mix
Spreading Width5′-30′
Top ScreenYES
Vehicle Application1-Ton Trucks (above 10,000 lbs. GVW)

SaltDogg SHPE2000 Poly Electric Drive Hopper Spreader Controller (Manufacturers)

The SHPE2000 SaltDogg Variable Speed Controller, Buyers SaltDogg Part # 3014199, comes standard along with all controller wiring needed to successfully install to your new SaltDogg SHPE2000. Control your spinner speed, auger speed, vibrator on and off as well as overall power to the controller.

  • Fits a 1 ton truck with a minimum 6 ft bed.
  • Patented double-wall, 2 cubic yard poly hopper is available in red, yellow and black. Won’t rust or dent.
  • 12V DC-powered electric drive with independent auger and spinner motors.
  • Handles bulk salt or a sand/salt mix.
  • In-cab control of independent auger and spinner speeds, with vibrator control.
  • 14 in. poly spinner broadcasts material up to 30 ft. and can be easily removed for cleaning and storage. Includes high flow standard or extended length chute.
  • Stainless steel auger, open trough and spinner shield.
  • Vibrator, top screen, tarp, tie downs and remote auger bearing grease kit included.
  • Forklift slots for ease of loading.
  • Backed with a 2 year warranty.
  • Made in the USA.

Buyers Products SaltDogg SHPE2000 Electric Poly Hopper Spreader gives contractors and facility managers a low-volume hopper spreader ready for residential or commercial use. Electric power means quieter operation with no need for refueling or engine servicing. The durable 2 cubic yard poly hopper features a patented double-wall construction. It fits a 3/4 ton or 1 ton pickup truck and uses a bulk salt or a salt/sand mix.

The spreader features a 2-1/2 in. stainless steel auger and trough and a 200 lb capacity vibrator to keep material flowing. The auger is powered by an independent 1/2 HP, 12V gear motor. A 14 in. polymer spinner, powered by an independent 1/4 HP, 12V gear motor, can cast a 5-30 ft radius. The vibrator and auger/spinner speeds are controlled by a closed-loop, in-cab controller.

The SHPE2000 also comes outfitted with a top screen, tie downs, fitted tarp, and remote auger bearing grease kit.

Product Common Use: Parking Lots, Driveways, Residential & Commercial, Property Management/Maintenance

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Weight600 lbs
Dimensions39 × 39 × 39 in
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