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SaltDogg TGS05B Tailgate Spreader – Pre-Installed Wireless Remote Controller Kit

Buy your SaltDogg TGS05B salt spreader with our EXCLUSIVE Wireless Controller

With 10.79 cubic feet capacity, the SaltDogg TGS05b tailgate spreader by Buyers for commercial use.  Our wireless remote system allows you to plug directly into the 7 prong on your truck and allow for up to 300′ of wireless connectivity. The SaltDogg TGS05B spreader is powered by a 12V DC variable speed motor allows for bulk salt, and salt and sand mix to easily be spread from 3′ – 30′ away from the vehicle. 1/2 ton all the way up to 1 ton trucks can take advantage of the smaller sized spreader in order to enhance your snow and ice removal experience.




SaltDogg TGS05B Tailgate Spreader - Pre-Installed Wireless Remote Controller Kit

SaltDogg TGS05B Salt Spreader For Sale

Buy a brand new TGS05B spreader by SaltDogg and mount to the back of your truck to provide ice management on top of your snow removal company. Increase your business and add more accounts by making money with your SaltDogg TGS05B 10.79 cubic feet spreader capacity as well as gravity feed with vertical 12V DC auger assist to help move your deicing material throughout the spreader mechanism and down to the spinner. Buy an optional vibrator from SaltDogg for your SaltDogg TGS05B to help with bulking up with your salt in the hopper. Provide a fluid salt flow through your TGS05B and throw your salt up to 30 feet away from your tailgate spreader.

SaltDogg TGS05B Tailgate Spreader - Pre-Installed Wireless Remote Controller Kit

SaltDogg TGS05 Spreader Controller – Wireless Exclusives

With SnowplowsPlus when you buy a new SaltDogg TGS05B you get the option to have one of our one of a kind wireless controllers installed on your spreader before purchase. Our wireless system is installed on your TGS05B salt spreader and then either wired into a 7 prong plug which then plugs directly into your existing truck plug (works on 95% of vehicle models, otherwise simply run positive and negative) and enjoy up to 100 feet of wireless power in the palm of your hand.

Replace all existing controller functions on your SaltDogg TGS05B including functionality such as burst, variable speeds and power on and off comes on every remote. No more drilling into your truck cab or having bulky controllers bouncing around the truck.  Comes with a 1 year warranty and we stand by them!

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SaltDogg TGS05B Tailgate Salt Spreader

  • Easily mounts to a 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck.
  • Hopper has 10.79 cubic foot capacity.
  • Step bumper mount included. Optional 2 in. hitch mount or Wintergate mount available.
  • Offers low profile design for better rear visibility.
  • Uses #1 rock salt.
  • 12V DC-powered electric drive for quiet, low maintenance operation.
  • Economical vertical, gravity feed auger.
  • 9 in. poly spinner can broadcast up to 30 ft.
  • Easy to use variable speed in-cab controls.
  • Carbon steel frame is powder-coated for optimum corrosion protection.
  • Corrosion-proof and durable poly hopper.
  • Made in the USA.

The SaltDogg TGS05B 10.79 Cubic Foot Tailgate Spreader is a simple large volume tailgate spreader with a low-profile design that allows better rear visibility. It uses #1 rock salt and works with 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks.

The spreader features a corrosion-resistant 10.79 cubic foot poly hopper. Its included mounting system allows you to mount the spreader directly to the step bumper. An optional hitch mount (sold separately) is compatible with 2 in. Class 4 receivers. A Wintergate Spreader Mount that allows for full bed access is also an option.

Product Common Use: Light Commercial Jobs, Parking Lots, Driveways, Sidewalks

SaltDogg TGS05B Tailgate Spreader - Pre-Installed Wireless Remote Controller Kit
SaltDogg TGS05B Tailgate Spreader - Pre-Installed Wireless Remote Controller Kit

Additional information

Weight315 lbs
Dimensions39 x 39 x 39 in

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