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SaltDogg TGS06 10 Cubic Foot Tailgate Spreader With Vibrate and Wireless


SaltDogg TGS06 10 Cubic Foot Tailgate Spreader With Vibrate and Wireless


With 10 cubic feet capacity, the SaltDogg TGS06 is a tailgate salt spreader perfect for commercial use.  12V DC variable speed motor allows for salt to easily be spread from 3′ – 30′ away from the vehicle. Hook up to any 3/4 ton or 1 ton trucks with ease to throw rock salt or similar deicing material from the 9 inch poly spinner assembly. Easy to install and even easier to use. You’ll start making money on your investment as soon as you buy the new SaltDogg TGS06 salt spreader from SnowplowsPlus.

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SaltDogg TGS06 10 Cubic Foot Tailgate Spreader

The SaltDogg TGS06 tailgate salt spreader spreads rock salt from the back of your truck while you’re out front plowing snow. Give your clients the one to punch this winter and add ice management to your list of applications. With the SaltDogg TGS06 spreader you’ll not only provide excellent ice management while keeping the bed of your truck open for hauling, but you’ll have a large enough hopper at 10 cubic feet to fill up and spread salt at many accounts without the need to fill up. Perfect for commercial use, one of the largest tailgate salt spreaders on the market today, the TGS06 salt spreader is durable and built to last while providing you with a flawless ice management system. Comes standard with a vibrator to ensure your rock salt won’t bulk up or become clogged before reaching the spinner assembly. Throw your salt up to 30 feet away from the SaltDogg TGS06 in order to make fewer passes on large parking lots while still providing an efficient salt spreading solution.

SaltDogg TGS06 Tailgate Salt Spreaders for sale

SaltDogg TGS06 Tailgate Salt Spreader

SUV, 1/2-ton, 3/4 ton & 1-ton trucks

Spread Material: bagged #1 rock salt

Feed Mechanism: manual open/close gate with gravity feed

Power Source: electric

  • Capacity: 10 cu. ft
  • Poly Hopper, powder-coated steel frame
  • Material spread up to 30′
  • 1/3 HP, 12 VDC dual shaft gear motor
  • Mounting hardware for 2″ receiver hitches
  • Includes 80 lb. vibrator installed
SaltDogg TGS06 Tailgate Salt Spreaders for sale

SaltDogg TGS06 Spreader with Wireless Remote Controller – EXCLUSIVE

With SnowplowsPlus and Control All Wireless technologies, you can buy a brand new SaltDogg TGS06 tailgate spreader with a wireless remote controller kit already installed on your spreader to take advantage of a plug n play technology. You can’t buy wireless remotes for your TGS06 spreaders anywhere else. With our wireless, it replaces the traditional controller found on the SaltDogg TGS06 spreader, with a wireless controller which will replace all of the existing functions while giving you a connection from up to 200 feet away. The small 12V motor found on the SaltDogg TGS06 spreader allows you to buy our wireless kit and plug your spreader directly wired into a positive-negative power cable from your truck’s battery. From there all you do is plug it into your spreader and away you go. This allows you to move the spreader from truck to truck with ease as well to bypass the need to drill into your truck to run wires for the controller.

650DCKEYFOB - Replacement Wireless Remote Control Transmitter for Dual Motor Spreaders 650DC

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