SnowEx Skid Steer Plows

SnowEx Skid Steer Plows


SnowEx Skid Steer Plows

SnowEx Skid Steer Plows

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SnowEx Skid Steer Plows for a Complete Snow Removal

Get more out of your skid-steer with the help of a Heavy-Duty straight blade snow plow or a versatile SPEEDWING snow plow with automatically adjusting mechanical wings in the form of SnowEx Skid Steer Plows. Attaching quickly to any brand or style of skid-steer loader, you can turn another vehicle already in your fleet into a snow removal hero with no additional wiring or controls.

Complete Plow Package

Prices shown include Snow Plow, Vehicle specific wiring, Vehicle specific mount undercarriage kit, Plow controller.

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snowex skid-steer

SnowEx Skid Steer Heavy Duty Built for the Challenge

The Heavy-Duty (HD) straight blade snow SnowEx Skid Steer Plows provides true commercial contractor performance for any skid-steer under the most punishing winter conditions. Available in four blade widths, the HD straight blade plow is built with a formed base channel for extra durability and a combination of vertical ribs, two angled power ribs and a massive quad design for maximum strength. Its heavy-duty construction combined with the hydraulics and maneuverability of a skid-steer stand up to the challenge.

SnowEx Skid Steer Plow Straight Blade Heavy Duty

SnowEX SpeedWing for Skid-Steers Strong and Intuitive

Equip your skid-steer with the 8’7” SPEEDWING snow plow. Built with intuitive mechanical wings that automatically adjust from scoop mode to windrow position as the plow is angled, the SPEEDWING plow is ideal for skid-steers. The SPEEDWING snow plow combines the simplicity of straight-blade operation with the enhanced productivity that only wings can offer.

SnowEx Skid Steer Oscillating Mount

SnowEx Skid-Steer Plow Oscillating Mount

Provides six degrees of total side-to-side oscillation, which allows the blade to follow the contours of the pavement for a cleaner scrape.

SnowEx Skid-Steer Full-Trip Moldboard

SnowEx Skid-Steer Plow Full-Trip Moldboard

A full-trip moldboard with four coil springs helps protect you, your plow and your skid-steer when striking obstacles.

SnowEx Skid-Steer Plow Sloped Attachment Plate

SnowEx Skid-Steer Plow Sloped Attachment Plate

Sloped forward 10 degrees, the attachment plate allows the blade to be raised with the bucket tilt function for maximum efficiency and maneuverability.

SnowEx Skid-Steer Plow Onboard Hydraulics

Leverage your skid-steer’s onboard hydraulic system for powerful, efficient operation.

SnowEx Skid-Steer Plow Dual Steps

Broad steps with enhanced traction provide the operator with easy cab entry/exit.

Automatically Adjusting Mechanical Wings (SPEEDWING only)

SnowEx Skid-Steer Plow Automatically Adjusting Mechanical Wings (SPEEDWING only)

Mechanical wings automatically adjust from scoop mode to windrow position as you angle the plow.

Additional information

Weight 900 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 in
Plow Size

Speed Wing 8600SW, 7600HD, 8000HD, 8600HD, 9000HD


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