SnowDogg™ MD68 Snow Plow
SnowDogg™ MD68 Snow Plow
SnowDogg MD68 Snow Plow

SnowDogg MD68 Snow Plow for Lighter Trucks

SnowDogg MD68 Snow Plow for Lighter Trucks

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With the SnowDogg MD68 6’8″ straight blade stainless steel plow, it’s true that plows come in all different shapes and sizes. The MD series plow allows for hookup on certain small pickups and SUV’s without damaging the vehicle due to stress or weight. The SnowDogg MD series has been tested on different vehicle applications to ensure the plows and vehicles hold up over time. Small is powerful. Get out and knock out your driveway and few of the neighbors down the road with the SnowDogg MD68 Snow Plow from Buyers.

Complete Plow Package

Prices shown include Snow Plow, Vehicle specific wiring, Vehicle specific mount undercarriage kit, Plow controller.

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SnowDogg MD Plow

SnowDogg MD68 Plow Standard Features

  • Full Size Features with Half the Weight – Weight optimized for 1/2 ton trucks or SUVs (even with no plow prep)
  • Six 3/16″ Laser-Cut Steel Ribs and a Full-Length Cross Tube – Provides maximum strength and stability across the length of the plow.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Moldboard and 3/8″ Steel Cutting Edge – Built with high-end materials and components for longevity.
  • 1-1/2″ x 10″ Angle Cylinders and Heavy Duty Lift Cylinder – For responsive angling, and 30 degree of travel.

Included With Your SnowDogg MD68 Plow Purchase

  • Contoured Poly Snow Deflector
  • Cast Plow Shoes
  • Wire Reinforced Blade Guides
  • Dual Beam Halogen Plow Lights
  • Plow Lights
  • Hand Held Controller
  • All Plow Wiring for Plow and Truck
  • Truck Mount for your specific Truck

Born and built on the shores of Lake Erie, The SnowDogg MD68 Snow Plow packs the punch of the larger SnowDogg EX/HD Series into a tighter package. It gives property managers, contractors, and small business owners the features they need. The MD Series is specifically built for light duty trucks, 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton pickups, SUVs, and 4x4s.

  • The power you need in a package optimized for your light duty truck, 1/2 ton truck, or SUV.
  • Laser-cut steel ribs and a full length 1-3/8 in. cross tube let you power through heavy, wet snow and ice.
  • Start fast, finish easy with SnowDogg’s Dual Foot Pedal Quick Mount.
  • 40° of smooth moldboard tripping action helps protect your equipment and yourself.
  • Corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel moldboard with standard 3/8 inch cutting edge is an investment that lasts.
SnowDogg MD68 Snow Plow

SnowDogg MD68 Plow Features

  • Stack snow high with standard heavy duty lift cylinder and Grade 43 lift chain.
  • Get the value you deserve with standard cast shoes, digital in-cab controller, snow deflector, and blade guides.
  • Clear with speed and agility using the 70º attack angle and 1-1/2 in. angle cylinders.
  • Cut through the dark with powerful dual-beam halogen plow lights with secure double post mounts.
  • Reliable 2HP power unit, SAE standard cartridge valves, and oversize 3/8 inch rubber hose.
SnowDogg™ MD68 Snow Plow

SnowDogg MD68 Moldboard Blade Features

The 68 in. wide 304 stainless steel moldboard is backed by six ribs. A full length 1-3/8 in. cross tube provides maximum strength and stability across the entire plow blade. The plow’s aggressive 70º attack angle thrashes through snow and ice with excellent scraping, rolling, and throwing action. The MD68 comes with a 3/8 in. cutting edge to save the plow blade from wear and tear, and all its steel components are primed and powder-coated on site to provide maximum process control and the highest quality.

SnowDogg MD68 Trip Action, Lift and Angling Cylinders

Two stress-optimized trip springs provide 40º of full moldboard trip action to help protect your equipment from hidden curbs or rocks. The MD68 can stack snow high with a standard heavy duty lift-cylinder and heavy gauge chain and lift arm with 35º travel for powerful snow stacking. The strong and agile angle cylinders give the driver a quick and responsive plowing experience.

SnowDogg™ MD68 Snow Plow

SnowDogg MD68 Plow Full Package

Buyers Products sets the standard for what you should expect from your plow company. The plow’s integrated 2HP DC- powered hydraulic unit comes equipped with SAE standard cartridge valves and hefty 3/8-inch rubber hoses. A poly snow deflector, wire reinforced blade guides, gloves-on in-cab controller, dual-beam halogen plow lights, and cast plow shoes all come standard on every MD plow. Plus, the MD Series can be on and off your truck quickly with the SnowDogg Dual Foot Pedal Quick Mount. Just align your truck, actuate the pedals, raise the jack, and attach lock pins and electrical plugs.

SnowDogg MD68 Plow Specifications

md68 specs

Additional information

Weight580 lbs
Dimensions40 × 40 × 40 in


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