SnowDogg™ SKTE Series Skid Steer Plows

SnowDogg SKTE Skid Steer Plows

SnowDogg SKTE Skid Steer Plows

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Put your skid-steer to work in the winter with the SnowDogg SKTE Skid Steer Straight blade snowplow from Buyers. The universal mounting plate is as easy as 1, 2, 3, Plow. Finish parking lots, sidewalks or other hard to reach areas with the power of your Skid-Steer and SnowDogg.

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Prices shown include Snow Plow, Vehicle specific wiring, Vehicle specific mount undercarriage kit, Plow controller.

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SnowDogg Skid Steer Plow SKTE Snow Plows

SnowDogg SKTE Skid Steer Plow Standard Features

  • Universal Skid Steer Mount – Easily mount to any skid steer.
  • Hydraulic Angle Cylinders – Work with skid steers’ existing hydraulic lines for responsive maneuverability.
  • Trip Edge Design – To respond to hidden divots and obstacles.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Moldboard & 1/2″ Steel Cutting Edge – An investment that will last.

Included With Your SnowDogg SKTE Skid Steer Plow Purchase

  • Wire Reinforced Blade Guides
  • Contoured Poly Snow Deflector
  • Cast Shoes


Put your skid steer to use this winter with Buyers Products SnowDogg SKTE Series Skid Steer Plow. Its robust design and tight maneuverability make it perfect for clearing lots and stacking snow. The SKTE features a trip edge design and is available with 7-1/2, 8, and 9 ft moldboards. The SKTE comes standard with cast plow shoes, heavy duty poly snow deflector, and wire reinforced blade guides.

  • Maximize efficiency with the maneuverability of a skid steer and the power of a SnowDogg trip edge plow.
  • Mount to any skid steer with the SKTE Series universal skid steer mount.
  • Reliable trip edge design helps protect your equipment across varied pavement surfaces and obstacles.
  • Powerful and agile plow angling using your skid steer’s existing hydraulics.
SnowDogg™ SKTE Series Skid Steer Plows

SnowDogg SKTE Skid Steer Plow Features

  • Corrosion-resistant 304 stainless moldboard with 3/8 in. cutting edge is an investment that lasts.
  • Laser-cut steel ribs and a full length 2 in. cross tube let you power through heavy snow and ice.
  • Clear with speed and agility using the 70º attack angle and 1-1/2 in. angle cylinders.
  • Get the value you deserve with standard cast shoes, snow deflector, and blade guides.

SnowDogg SKTE Moldboard Blade Features

The SKTE Series boast a 304 stainless steel moldboard backed by nine 1/4 in. laser-cut ribs. A full-length 2 in. cross tube spreads load impacts out evenly in order to protect vital connection points. The plow’s aggressive 70º attack angle thrashes through snow and ice with excellent scraping, rolling, and throwing action. A standard 1/2 in. cutting edge helps save the blade from wear and tear. A 6 in. trip edge and four stress-optimized trip springs help protect your equipment from hidden curbs or rocks.

A Plow for Your Skid Steer
The SKTE series A-frame is pivot-mounted to a universal skid steer mount that connect to your skid steers existing hydraulics. The pivot mount allows the cutting edge to effortlessly contour the plowing surface.

SnowDogg™ SKTE Series Skid Steer Plows

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Weight981 lbs
Dimensions40 × 40 × 40 in
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