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600DC1 – Universal Wireless Remote Control – Single Electric Motor Operated Salt Spreader

This 600DC1 Wireless transmitter controller and wireless receiver can be used as a replacement for any other wireless controllers built for the same on the market today including Meyer Part #63930, Fisher spreader wireless, Snow-Way, Snow-Ex, or any other brand on the market today.  Most Make/Model of vehicles have the battery charging pin of the 7-prong trailer plug-in activated. Many Chevrolet’s will not have the wire connected and or the fuse not installed for this function. The wire for this may be under the fuse box under the hood or taped to the wiring harness near the brake booster. Install this wire per mfg. instructions and install the proper fuse. If your vehicle is not equipped with the battery charging wire, you may add this by running a 8 or 10 gauge wire from the battery to the terminal on the truck side 7 prong plug as shown in the provided diagram. You must install a 40-amp fuse at the battery. Note 2015 and up Ford F150 and Ford 2017 and up F250,350 trucks do not have live power at the 7-prong trailer plug to operate a spreader, must use Anderson plug quick disconnect. If you do not have proper power and ground to the wireless unit it will not operate. 95% of failures are on the truck side and or failed 7 prong connections, always verify power to the unit as a first step in diagnosing a problem. Simply remove the cover from the receiver unit and press the black button. If the red light blinks you have power to the unit if not it is on the truck-side.




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600DC – Single DC Motor Salt Spreaders – Universal Wireless Controller. Replace Your OEM Controller with Wireless. 

Part # 600DC is a wireless receiver and wireless transmitter which converts your single dc motor powered salt spreader such as the Western / Fisher Low Profile Model 500 and 1000 tailgate salt spreader, as well as the Boss TGS1100 and TGS 600 tailgate salt spreader. Also works on  Meyer, Hiniker, Swenson, Snowex or any other single DC salt spreader on the market today. Also used as a variable speed control on all single electric motors up to 1/3hp. Convert easily and use a wireless remote controller that can control all of your existing functions from up to 100 ft away. Plug your Salt Spreader wireless directly into your existing 7 prong plug (most trucks) at the back of your truck to provide a true “Plug N’ Play” solution and the ability to easily move your salt spreader from truck to truck in seconds. Even if your truck doesn’t put out enough power to the back of your truck at the 7 prong connector, easily wire up an 8 gauge power/ground to the back of your truck and plug in with Anderson Plug Quick Disconnects. Even at this price, it’s still cheaper than OEM new wiring and controller, which can cost upwards of $800 for all new parts. That means after you buy our universal salt spreader wireless controller, you can sell your old OEM control box, controller wiring, and control mount and never look back. The wireless controller replaces all of your existing functions including variable speed control. Works with 12V DC Voltage Up to 500′ Range

  • Operational range of up to 500 feet from wireless transmitter to wireless receiver.
  • Weather potted to protect the wireless receiver in any harsh weather conditions including extreme cold, rain, sleet, snow and ice.
  • Covered by a 1 year warranty.
  • Instant wireless receiver activation to wireless DC receiver.
  • 1 in 16 million address combinations ensure you can have many wireless transmitters added to each receiver if needed.
  • Up to twenty wireless transmitters can be paired to a single receiver.
  • Wholesale discounts available.
  • Used commonly on single DC electric Salt Spreaders like the Western Low Profile 500, 1000, or 2500, Boss TGS600, TGS1100, Fisher, Swenson, Hiniker, or any other large brand on the market today.

Western Low Profile Model 500/1000/2500 Tailgate Salt Spreader / Boss TGS Salt Spreader Universal Wireless Transmitter Controller

Buy this 600DC and quickly benefit your company with wireless controllers on your salt spreaders. Move your single DC motor Tailgate Salt Spreader from truck to truck throughout the night as needed if a truck goes down or a simple shift change without the need to wire up different trucks with hundreds of dollars in wires and cables, not to mention oem wired controllers themselves. This wireless controller and wireless receiver can take a beating and have been tested in the harshest Minnesota Winter weather and can be used anywhere including in ice, snow, sleet, rain or severe cold. The Wireless Receiver is 100% weather potted and covered by a 1 year warranty along with dedicated customer service in case you ever need help installing, repairing, or troubleshooting any of our wireless remote control systems.

Wireless salt spreader controller for Western Low Profile salt spreaders as well as Boss, Fisher, SaltDogg or Hiniker salt spreaders or any other single electric 12v motor spreader models will save you money, time, and overall efficiency as soon as you make the switch. The wireless controller saves you from hard-wiring  a controller and all of its wiring harnesses, approx $800 for the oem wiring and controller and allows you to transfer the unit easily to other trucks that are setup with the needed power and ground cables. We carry a wide variety of wireless controls for the snow industry and hundreds of other dc applications. Built by us in America. All of our controllers are industrial use controllers.

The Universal Electric Motor Salt Spreader Wireless Controller Transmitter/Receiver Contains the Following:

  • (1) 600DC Receiver
  • (1) 600DC Transmitter with label , boot and lanyard
  • (1) relay

Watch How Easy It Is To Install

We have uploaded a few videos to our YouTube channel about how you can retrofit your existing Electric Motor Salt Spreader with our units. The video to the right shows the Western 1000 and our unit being installed. Overall, installation takes about 45 minutes. From there, simply plug into your existing 7 prong on the back of your truck and away you go.

In Depth Look at the Wireless Remote

Single 12volt motor variable speed controller has 5 pre-set speeds in approx 1/5th increments.

Comes with a transmitter which glows in the dark label, rubber boot and lanyard for extra protection to the remote itself.

Receiver unit itself along with a 7 prong cord to plug into your truck receiver hitch and seal tight connectors are all included in this kit which is everything you need to successfully install the unit on your spreader. This unit is commonly used on tailgate mounted salt sand spreaders.

Safety Features of the 600DC1

The RF-600DC1 Wireless DC Motor Controller provides RPM control for a single, 2 pole DC motor that can output up to over 200 amps for up to 1 seconds and a continuous amperage of up to 80 amps.

The speed or RPM control is performed by providing the user 5 outputs, approximately 1/5 of the maximum motor RPM. The RF-600DC1 also incorporates a full RPM feature (Blast) that runs the motor full speed for 6 to 8 seconds and then automatically shuts off and an E-Stop.
To protect the motor and electronics, the RF-600DC1 has built-in safety circuits. These include:
• Automatic shut down if motor is locked up. How this is done is if the receiver senses a current draw of more than 200 amps at start up for more than approximately 1000mS, the unit will shut down from 1 to 30 seconds.
• Automatic shut off if the current draw does not drop below 75 amps after 6 to 8 seconds. Once again, the receiver will shut down for 1 to 30 seconds. This unit is for 12 VOLT DC MOTORS ONLY.

SaltDogg Tailgate Spreaders

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 8 x 11 in

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