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Western Impact UTV Snow Plow V-Plow

Western Impact V-Plows, A UTV Snow Plow Built to Last

Put your UTV to work year round and install a brand new Western Impact UTV Snow Plow from SnowplowsPlus. Clear sidewalks, parking lots and driveways like a professional with the power of a Western Snow Plow on the front of your UTV. With a 6′ V-Plow on the front of your UTV, you can now plow your own driveway, business parking lot and clear sidewalks with one pass with your UTV Snow Plow from Western. Full maneuverability you’d find on a truck v-plow. Same durability and overall performance you’ve grown to love from Western, but in the form of a V-Plow UTV Snow Plow.




You don’t need a big truck to make a big impact. The new Western Impact UTV Snow Plow V-Plow is a professional-grade snow plow designed to help out get the most out of your utility vehicle this winter. Built with the same high quality as all of our plows, this tough, compact plow easily adjusts to pass through gates and clear 5′ sidewalks when fully angled or in V mode. Suited for a wide variety of models, the Western Impact UTV Snow Plow V-plow means you can now have year-round UTV fun and get your winter work done faster.

Western Impact UTV Plow V-Plow

  • 6′ V-Plow powder-coated steel flared moldboard.
  • Standard 5″ steel cutting edge for a clean scrape and extended wear.
  • 5′ wide when fully angled or in V mode to fit most sidewalks and maneuver through gates.
  • Constructed with high-strength, low alloy steel components that are both stronger and lighter than traditional steel.
  • Reinforced with six vertical ribs and our proven T-frame design so your UTV can work hard without having to carry extra weight
Western Impact UTV Snow Plow V-Plow

Double-Acting Cylinders

  • Standard double-acting 1″ angle cylinders allow you to operate each wing independently or to lock the wings together for efficient straight blade operation and clean back dragging.

Trip-Edge Protection

  • The trip-edge design helps protect you and your equipment when encountering hidden obstacles.  Since only the bottom edge trips, the blade stays upright and plowed snow remains in front of the blade.
Western Impact UTV Snow Plow V-Plow

UTV-Specific Hand-Held Control

  • The unique hand-held control allows the blade to be raised, lowered, angled or retracted with the push of a button. Joystick control also available for easy blade control operation when wearing gloves.

Easy On/Off

  • When the receiver brackets installed on your utility vehicle, either drive in or manually push the plow into the receivers.  Push up on the headgear to align the hitch pins to the receiver holes, then slide the handle to engage the hitch pins and lock them in place.
Western Impact UTV Snow Plow V-Plow

Western Impact UTV Plow V-Plow Accessories Available

  • Shoe Kit
  • Deflector Kit
  • Blade Wing Kit
Western Impact UTV Snow Plow V-Plow

Ground Clearance That Can’t Be Matched

The Western Impact UTV Snow Plow comes standard with removable receivers and low profile undercarriage providing exceptional ground clearance and maximize the ramp angle, so your unit will be trail ready when the plow is not attached.

Western Impact UTV Snow Plow V-Plow

Width Adjustment

For UTVs with a wider wheel base, a width adjustment setting is available to make your plowing path wider. Using the alternate setting, the plowing width is 5′ 6″ at full V and full angle, and 5′ 1″ in full scoop.

Western Impact UTV Snow Plow V-Plow

Western UTV Plow V-Plow Scrape Lock

The “scrape lock” feature automatically locks the blade down to keep it from floating over snow, for an even cleaner scrape.

Western Impact UTV Snow Plow V-Plow
Western Impact UTV Snow Plow V-Plow

Additional information

Weight550 lbs
Dimensions40 x 40 x 40 in

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