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Western Midweight Snow Plow

When the snow is falling and winter's wrath has a strong hold on the neighborhood, take your Western Midweight out of the garage and push back at Mother Nature.  With the Western Midweight plow, you will get the push back you need to fight the snow and anything winter throws your way. The lightweight design still allows for a powerful snowplow with huge performance on light commercial use. Buy from SnowplowsPlus to get the complete Western Midweight Snow Plow Package including truck mount, all new wiring, and hand held controller. Put your truck to work this winter with a brand new Western Midweight Snow Plow straight blade.



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Western Midweight Snow Plow Moldboard Options
  • Although the Western Midweight may be smaller coming in at 7 1/2 feet long end to end, the moldboard on the Western Midweight snow plow comes in a durable poly or steel options.
  • The Moldboard is 27″ tall on both the Poly and Steel models of the Western Midweight. The Powder coated steel is 14 gauge steel, while the Polyethylene moldboard is a 1/4″ high-density poly to ensure your plow can handle the most treacherous conditions and the occasional accidentally obstacle.
  • This maintenance-free surface on the Western Midweight Plow allows for the snow to freely roll from the surface of the plow without blowing into your windshield or getting stuck to the blade itself.
Western Midweight Snow Plow
Western Midweight Snow Plow Reinforced Blade
  • Due to the lightweight nature of the plow, Western has added six vertical ribs as well as their exclusive Western Midweight Power Bar in order to provide unmatched structural reinforcement to the plow and truck frame.
  • With the Western Midweight reinforced plow blade structure, you are able to go about your business trusting that your plow is delivering exceptional torsional strength and rigidity to eliminate blade twisting.
Trip Blade Protection on the Western Midweight
  • The two-spring trip blade protects your Western Midweight as well as your truck when striking hidden obstacles. Elastomer trip pads further reduce excessive jarring and soften the blade return when tripping occurs.
Steel Base Channel for Extra Strength on the Western Midweight Snow Plow
  • Not only is the Western Midweight protected through reinforced steel ribs, but the high strength steel base channel on the Midweight also provides reinforced strength to the plow blade.
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Additional information

Weight 740 lbs
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 40 in
Plow Material

Steel, Poly


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