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Western Pro Plus Snow Plow

Western Pro Plus Snow Plow

Western Pro Plus Snow Plow


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The Eight vertical ribs and heavy duty tubular quadrant on the reinforced plow blade of the Western Pro Plus stands above the rest when it comes to performance, durability, and efficiency overall. The A-frame construction with three-inch square tubing provides additional strength and endurance that simply can’t be matched by other straight blade plows on the market today. The Western Pro Plus snow plow is perfect for that snow removal business owner to add to their fleet of snow plows. The professional grade plow by Western is one that will withstand the elements of time and become one you build your snow removal business around. Buy now to get everything you need to start plowing snow tomorrow including vehicle specific mount, all wiring, and controller.



Western Pro Plus and Pro Plus HD Snow Plows

Western Pro Plus Snow Plow

  • The Western Pro Plus Plow is the perfect snow plow for all snow removal businesses and can be used for heavy-duty commercial and light municipal applications including residential driveways in a breeze!
  • With Western, you never get “half way” or poor quality equipment. The handcrafted Western Pro Plus plow comes how off the assembly line in style without any holding back! The Pro Plus is not only rugged and tough, but built to take on the most punishing of snow storms without any hiccups.  If you’re new to the plow game or a seasoned veteran, its time to go all the way with a Western Pro Plus snow plow from

Reinforced Plow Blade Structure of the Western Pro Plus Snow Plow

Eight vertical ribs, the heavy-duty tubular quadrant, and the exclusive WESTERN POWER BAR provide exceptional torsional strength and rigidity, even under the most brutal conditions. Built to last and withstand the test of time, and the most brutal winter conditions. Plow through any depth of snow with ease and put your new Western Pro Plus Snow Plow to work.

The industry-first, optimum-strength POWER BAR provides exceptional torsional strength and rigidity to eliminate the blade twisting that’s often seen in severe use.

The massive pivot point with one-inch diameter pivot bolt eases stress on the nose plate.

And the A-frame construction with three-inch square tubing provides strength and endurance.

Heavy-Duty Steel Moldboard on the Western Pro Plus Snow Plow
The powder coated steel Western PRO PLUS plow blade is a full 31½” tall and comes in 8’, 8½’, and 9’ widths. The ½” thick x 6” high carbon steel cutting edge is standard for extra long wear.

Western Pro Plus Snow Plow Trip Blade with Shock Absorbers
Four heavy-duty coil springs help protect your plow and truck when striking an obstacle. Two standard shock absorbers help soften the trip blade return to extend the life of your truck and plow.

Western Pro Plus Plow Steel Base Channel for Strength
The high-strength steel base channel puts extra support where it’s needed most and is stronger versus “angle iron,” commonly found on competitive plows.

Optional Western Pro Plus Snow Plow Wings
  • Optional blade wings attach quickly with a single pin, making your straight blade more efficient by increasing carrying capacity and minimizing snow trail-off while plowing.
  • Quick attach/detach with a single pin
  • Adds 6″ to each side of the blade, increasing overall blade width by 1′.

Additional information

Weight 837 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 in

8'0", 8'6", 9'0"




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