Western Salt Spreader Pre-Wet System Add-On

Western Salt Spreader Pre-Wet System Add-On


Western Salt Spreader Pre-Wet System Add-On

Western Salt Spreader Pre-Wet System Add-On

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Western Products, manufacturer of WESTERN snow removal and ice control equipment, recently launched its all-new pre-wet system for the Western Striker stainless steel and Western Tornado poly hopper spreaders. Each system features a corrosion-resistant protected enclosure for pump, electronics and valves and is available with 25- and 50-gallon poly tank capacities for Striker models and 25-gallon poly tank capacities for Tornado models.

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Western Pre-Wet System

The Western Pre-Wet System can be installed on the Western Striker and Western Tornado Salt Sand Spreaders. Pre-wetting salt and de-icing material before it hits the spinner provides two distinct advantages over dry applications. Pre-wetting salt “activates” the material to accelerate melting. Pre-wet granules also bounce less when hitting the pavement for greater control and less waste. Studies have proven pre-wetting salt allows you to reduce salt application rates by 20-30%.

Western Pre-Wet System Capacity


The pre-wet system poly tanks are sold in sets of 25- or 50-gallon pairs. The tanks are cross-connected to maintain equal distribution of the liquid across the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle.

Striker models:
Available in 50 gallon (two 25-gallon tanks) or 100 gallon (two 50-gallon tanks) kits.

Tornado models:
Available in 50 gallon (two 25-gallon tanks) kits.

Western Pre-Wet System - Easy Fill Cap


An easily accessible cap allows for quick filling. Translucent tanks allow operators to see when liquid is running low, and molded-in volume marks show fill levels.

Western Pre-Wet System - Controls

The updated FLEET FLEX electric hopper spreader control for the Western Striker and Western Tornado hopper spreaders includes a pre-wet accessory button which provides simple on/off* operation, allowing the operator to choose when to apply brine while spreading.

For operators who want additional flow control from inside the cab, a separate in-cab, full-featured control option is available, featuring a flow-control dial and warning lights that alert the operator of a clog or if the tanks are empty.

*On Striker gas and hydraulic models, the on/off switch is incorporated into the master accessory harness control panel.

** Image above shows full-featured, variable speed control with empty tank and clog indicator.

Western Pre-Wet System - Pump System


The pre-wet system is supported by two different pump systems.

When using the simple on/off control, the flow rate in the pump is set manually using the needle valve. Activation is controlled with an on/off switch in the cab.

When using the full-feature control, the manual, single-needle valve is replaced with two pressure sensors, a high and a low, to detect a clog or empty tank.

Western Pre-Wet System - Corrosion Free


A corrosion-resistant, fully enclosed housing protects the pump, electronics and valves from the elements.

Western Pre-Wet System - Quick Disconnect


Easily remove the chute and spray bar with the durable, quick-disconnect coupler.

*Available on Striker hopper spreader models, only.

Western Pre-Wet System - Spray Bar


On the Western Striker hopper spreader models, the spray bar is located inside the chute, reducing the likelihood of a clog and making it easier to clean.

Western Pre-Wet System - Compatibility


Compatible with:

  • All Western Striker hopper spreader models.
  • All Western Tornado hopper spreader models manufactured February 2016 or later.
  • Any Tornado model manufactured between 2009 and January 2016 with the purchase of an additional adapter kit.

Western Pre-Wet System - Fleet Flex


Built to give you more control at your fingertips, the pre-wet system is designed with FLEET FLEX technology for easy interchange between electric hopper spreaders.

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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 in
Pre-Wet System

#76400 On/Off Kit, #76410 Full Feature Kit, #76425 25 Gal Pre-Wet Kit, #76450 50 Gal Pre-Wet Kit


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