Western Tornado UTV Hopper Spreader
Western Tornado Dual Electric Motors Variable Speed Controls

Western Tornado UTV Hopper Spreader

Western Tornado UTV Hopper Spreader

Western Tornado UTV Hopper Spreader


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When the big box spreaders just won’t do, hook your Western Tornado UTV Spreader up to your UTV or your smaller pickup and take advantage of having more room in your bed with all of the Western Tornado power! The WESTERN Tornado UTV 11 cu ft poly hopper spreader is built just for UTVs. It features a sturdy, compact design that delivers many features of the larger models, in a size just right for your utility vehicle.



Put Your UTV to Work With a Western Tornado UTV Hopper Spreader

The WESTERN Tornado UTV 11 cu ft poly hopper is built to provide top spreader performance in a sturdy, compact ice control package to help you get your job done right. Designed specifically for UTVs, the Tornado UTV poly hopper spreader delivers many of the features of the larger models, in a size that is just right for your utility vehicle.

Western Tornado UTV Spreader Features

The Tornado LT Hopper Spreader provides the features that professionals demand.

  • Designed for spreading all types of de-icing materials
  • Rust-proof 0.5 cubic yard polyethylene hopper, with coated steel frame
  • Independently controlled 3” diameter auger feed system and a 12” steel spinner
  • 5/16” coated steel rod top screen to break up incoming material
  • Inverted V to break up any large chunks
  • 12V vibrator to keep material flowing evenly
  • Fitted tarp cover to keep material dry and free flowing
  • Positive-lock, bolt down bed mount for secure installation

Western Tornado UTV Dual Electric Motors Variable Speed Control

Two instant-start, 12-volt electric motors provide quiet, reliable, independent control over the auger and spinner mechanisms. The spinner motor is sealed inside a weather-resistant housing, protecting it from corrosion.

Western Tornado UTV Hopper Spreader – Dual Variable-Speed Control

Dual variable-speed control allows you to individually control the two 12-volt electric motors to precisely match material delivery and spread patterns to conditions.

650DCKEYFOB - Replacement Wireless Remote Control Transmitter for Dual Motor Spreaders 650DC

Western Tornado UTV Wireless Controller Exclusive to SPP

While the convenience factor is at an all time high with your all new Western Tornado UTV spreader, take it one step further when you buy from SnowplowsPlus with our one of a kind wireless control kit pre-installed for maximum efficiency and ease of use. The wireless controller replaces all of your existing functions and controls that would come standard on a Western Tornado UTV spreader, including variable speed. With the wireless control, you’ll have uninterrupted wireless connectivity from up to 500ft from your plow in the comfort of the palm of your hand.

Western Tornado UTV Hopper Spreader –Transverse Auger Delivery System

Material is delivered by a heavy-duty, powder coated, horizontal steel auger to provide long-lasting, reliable performance.

When an obstruction occurs, the transverse auger delivery system can reduce downtime by automatically backing itself in and out until the obstruction is cleared or a required adjustment has been made.

Western Tornado UTV Hopper Spreader – Quick Connect Spinner Assembly

Gain easy access to the hitch by removing the quick-connect spinner drive assembly.

Western Tornado UTV Hopper Spreader – Vibrating Inverted V

The standard inverted V helps keep sufficient material weight off of the auger, ensuring smooth startup and flow of material.

The inverted V is directly connected to a 12-volt vibrator to help reduce bridging and keep material moving to the auger.

Western Tornado UTV Hopper Spreader – Standard Top Screen

The standard coated steel top screen helps break up large chunks of de-icing material during the loading process to help prevent clogging and bridging during spreader operation.

Western Tornado UTV Hopper Spreader Corrosion Resistant Hopper

The one-piece hopper is built of durable polyethylene for corrosion-free performance, whether using rock salt, calcium chloride or any other type of de-icing material.

Western Tornado UTV Hopper Spreader Ratchet Straps

Add additional spreader stability to your vehicle with standard nylon tie-down ratchet straps.

Western Tornado UTV Hopper Spreader Spinner

The durable 12″ spinner delivers a spread pattern of up to 30′ and provides long-lasting, corrosion-free performance.

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Dimensions39 × 39 × 39 in

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