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Western Low Profile Model 500 Tailgate Salt Spreader

Western 500 Low Profile Tailgate Salt Spreader – PLUS WIRELESS

Get the Western 500 low profile tailgate spreader from SnowplowsPlus with wireless remote control and connectivity already installed. Simply plug into your existing 7 prong on the back of your truck and away you go. 100% wireless. No more drilling into your truck. Simply enjoy the Western 500 Tailgate salt spreader like never before. All backed by SnowplowsPlus warranty.




Western Low Profile Spreader Controller Parts
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Western 500 Low Profile Tailgate Spreader Model 500

  • The Low Profile Spreader Model 500 is designed for pickups or SUVs with a Class III trailer hitch
  • Class III receiver hitch mount is standard – no tools required to install or remove spreader
  • 5 cu. ft. capacity poly hopper for long corrosion-free life
  • 1/3 HP, 12V DC sealed motor and direct drive auger
  • Durable 10” poly spinner for long life performance
  • Standard ratchet straps
  • Optional top screen and adjustable deflector
  • For bagged salt only
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Western Low Profile Tailgate Spreader Wireless Controllers EXCLUSIVE from SNOWPLOWSPLUS

With SnowplowsPlus you get the option to have one of our one of a kind wireless controllers installed on your spreader before purchase. Our wireless system is installed on your existing tailgate salt spreader and then either wired into a 7 prong plug which then plugs directly into your existing truck plug (works on 95% of vehicle models, otherwise simply run positive and negative) and enjoy up to 100 feet of wireless power in the palm of your hand.

Functionality such as burst, variable speeds and power on and off comes on every remote. No more drilling into your truck cab or having bulky controllers bouncing around the truck.  Comes with a 1 year warranty and we stand by them!

Western Low Profile Tailgate Spreader Receiver Hitch Mount

A Class IV receiver hitch mount is standard on Spreader Model 2500 and optional on Spreader Model 1000. A Class III receiver hitch is standard on Model 500 spreaders.  No tools are required to install or remove the spreader.

Western Low Profile Tailgate Spreader Wired Spreader Control (Manufacturers) 

The Low Profile Spreader control includes in-cab “on/off” blast switch and variable speed control, for all three models.

Additional information

Weight 175 lbs
Dimensions 39 x 39 x 39 in

Wireless Variable Control, Wired On/Off, Wired Variable Control


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