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Western Heavyweight Snow Plow

If you’ve ever sat in the cab of a truck while in control of a snow plow, you know it can be a heavy duty job, which sometimes requires a little bit of heavy duty power. With the Western Heavyweight Snow Plow, the name explains itself. With the largest blade available from WESTERN Plows, the 10’ wide Western HEAVYWEIGHT snow plow is made for trucks in the 14,000-27,000 GVW range. You can count on these plows for light municipal plowing applications like local streets, parks, county roads, parking lots and more. This is for the big boys and can handle any job thrown at it due to the overall strength of the plow as well as a trip blade protection that can’t be matched!


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Western Heavyweight Snow Plow by Western Plows

There are times when a standard blade snow plow, no matter the strength, just isn’t enough to get the job done. That’s where the Western Heavyweight step’s in, takes charge, and gets the job done with easy. Backed by larger trucks with a GVW range of 14,000-27,000, you are able to count on the Heavyweight plows for municipal plowing such as local streets, parks, county roads, parking lots, and everything in between. Nothing stands in the way of the Western Heavyweight!

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Heavy-Duty Steel Moldboard for a Heavyweight Plow

  • All Western plows, including the Western Heavyweight Snow Plow are manufactured to stand up to the stress and strain of municipal snow plowing.
  • The powder coated steel moldboard blade is 33” tall and 10’ wide with a full angled plowing width of 8’8″ which is also the largest of all Western snowplows.
  • Six vertical ribs provide structural reinforcement. Adjustable cast iron disc shoes and a ½” x 6” AASHO punched carbon steel cutting edge are standard.

Western Heavyweight Trip Blade Protection

  • The Heavyweight plow by Western Plows is designed with six HEAVY-duty springs which help protect your plow as well as your truck from shock damage which striking an obstacle.
  • The Western Heavyweight comes in contact with the obstacle such as a curb, and rather than taking the force head on and lifting your back tires off the ground, the trip blade protection and shock absorbers help soften the blade return and trips the plow forward in order to jump the curb with ease!

Store and Move your Western Heavyweight with Ease!

The HEAVYWEIGHT snow plow comes with a set of wheels already installed on the back of the plow in order to help maneuver the plow blade when attaching it to your truck or removing it from the vehicle altogether.

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Western Isolation Module

  • Advanced snow plow light and electrical system features solid electrical pins in the harness plugs for trouble free connections between your Western Heavyweight plow side wiring and your truck side electronics.
  • Under the hood module improves system life and complies with OEM requirements while being tucked away with a clean installation directly from SnowplowsPlus.
  • No toggle switch needed to change from vehicle to plow lights.
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Western Heavyweight UniMount Snowplow Mounting System

The mechanical attachment system quickly attaches and detaches your Heavyweight plow with ease and can be done in a few seconds with the help of nobody else!

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Weight 1306 lbs
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 40 in
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