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Western Skid-Steer Snow Plow

The Western Skid-Steer Snow Plow lineup consists of the Western Prodigy and the Western Pro Plus steel snow plows.  The mounting plate for the two plows are universal and will fit any skid-steer on the market today with a few easy steps. Easy hook up and detachment of the plow from the skid-steer allows you to easily change between skid-steer attachments in between snow plow jobs.  Clear out residential driveways, commercial parking lot parking spaces, and those tough to reach sidewalks in a flash with the Western Skid-Steer Snow plows.




Western Skid-Steer Snow Plows!

The WESTERN Skid-Steer PRO PLUS and PRODIGY snow plows are available with a universal skid-steer loader mounting plate for fast and easy hook-up. The heavy-duty A-frame design features a reinforced steel box for extra strength to stand up to the unique stresses of skid-steer applications.

The skid-steer’s standard auxiliary hydraulic system provides the power to operate the blade, and custom-designed valves provide compatibility between the skid-steer and plow hydraulics for optimum performance.

Western Skid-Steer Prodigy Multi-Position Winged Plow
  • The Western Skid-Steer PRODIGY snow plow features a patented mechanical design that automatically positions its wings to deliver maximum plowing efficiency, as the blade moves between scoop and windrowing modes.
  • Its robust construction and multi-position winged plow productivity make it a popular choice for skid-steer users.
Western Skid Steer Pro Plus Snow Plow Parts
Western Skid-Steer Prodigy Wings Position Automatically
  • The Western Skid-Steer PRODIGY snow plow was designed in a way that allows the wings to automatically position themselves in order to deliver maximum plowing efficiency. While the blade is moving between scoop and windrowing modes, you don’t need to mess with a remote or worry about your plow skipping due to air in your hydraulic lines since the wings are not controlled via hydraulics.
  • Its robust construction and multi-position winged plow productivity make it a popular choice for skid-steer users.
Western Skid Steer Pro Plus Snow Plow Parts
Western Skid-Steer Plow for Heavy-Duty Commercial and Light Municipal Accounts

The impressive strength and versatility of the PRO PLUS snow plow makes it the straight blade of choice for punishing skid-steer applications.

Available in 8’, 8½’ and 9’ widths, with a reinforced A-frame and custom-designed valves, the PRO PLUS snow plow will keep your skid-steer productive and profitable all winter long.

Western Skid-Steer Pro Plus – Optional Wings
  • Optional blade wings attach quickly with a single pin, making your straight blade more efficient by increase carrying capacity, and minimizing snow trail-off while plowing.
  • Wings add 6” of plowing width to each side of the blade, increasing the overall plowing width by 1’.
Western Skid-Steer Plow – Universal Mounting Plate
  • The universal skid-steer loader mounting plate makes hook-up fast and easy. Simply align the mounting plate with the u-plate, engage the pins, and you’re ready to plow.

Additional information

Weight 1080 lbs
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 40 in
Plow Model

Prodigy, 8'0" Pro Plus, 8'6" Pro Plus, 9'0" Pro Plus


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