From the Snowman – Tell it like it is

From the Snowman – Tell it like it is

From the Snowman – Tell it like it is

I (the Snowman) like people that tell it like it is and I am one of those (unless I am talking to my wife.) Anyway I am always going to be straight to the point with you bloggers out there. I will not answer your non Western or Boss snow plow questions as that is not my expertise. There are some things I cannot repair over the phone or from this keyboard, all I can do is tell you what to look for and how to test it.

The first thing I am going to tell all of you is: BUY A FLIPPIN’ TEST LIGHT!!!! You will need this at least over your snow removal career or elsewhere in life, they are cheap. You can even use it as a weapon or ice pick so it is multi-purpose! Please get one as this will save your hundreds in repair costs!

The next thing is have some common repair parts on hand. You do not need a whole Boss or Western emergency parts kit.

Instead, what you need is the following on hand at all time:

  • Solenoid.
  • One of each hose or at least one of the longest hose that has the same fittings on each end as the others on the plow.
  • Two quarts of fluid.
  • Common tools in your truck to make repairs. This should cover most emergency repairs.


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