Stay Ahead of the Next Snow Event With a Snow Plow Emergency Parts Kit!


Stay Ahead of the Next Snow Event With a Snow Plow Emergency Parts Kit!

I get it, its hard sometimes to put money towards something that you don’t need at this very second, especially when owning your own snow removal and ice management business.  There always seems to be other expenses that are “more important” or a “higher priority” than storing away replacement parts for something that hasn’t stopped working yet.

In this industry, its not only a smart move to stock up on hoses, hydraulic fluid, alternators for your truck, and solenoids for your plow, but also deicing material.  An example of this is what happened last season in Boston with the major snow events towards the end of the year. Some snow removal and ice management companies went through between 400 and 500 tons of salt in a single year. These are obviously larger companies, but they usually average a 10th of that. We all know too well that buying salt preseason is smarter than buying salt and deicing in the heart of winter due to the overall increase in price due to basic supply and demand.

Moving that much deicer through a spreader and moving all of that snow with your snow plow will eventually require you to replace something along the way. Usually, when that happens its in the most inopportune time and place. Usually in the middle of the night and at a job site. If your lucky, in your area you have a similar deal like Snowplows Plus that is open 24 hours when it snows, but what if they don’t have the part in stock? You’re completely stuck.  That’s why we have put together a list of preseason parts that you may need to stock up on so you aren’t the one calling around at midnight looking for a replacement hose:

  1. Hoses
  2. Solenoid
  3. Bolts, washers and other hardware
  4. Hydraulic fluid, at least a gallon
  5. Cotter Pins
  6. Dielectric Grease
  7.  Coils and Valves

Luckily, both Boss Plows and Western Plows have their own snow plow emergency parts kits that contain most of the above in an easy to carry and easy to store kit for emergencies such as these.

Boss Straight Blade Snow Plow Emergency Parts Kit

Boss MVP Snow Plow Emergency Parts Kit

Western Snow Plow Emergency Parts Kit

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