Snow Removal – Mid-Summer Blues

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Snow Removal – Mid-Summer Blues

From the Snowman – Midsummer blues

It seems crazy that summer is half over already. Here at Snow Plows Plus the planning for next season is in full swing. The Prodigy has spent hundreds of hours creating our new massive website along with our new forum. I must say it is the most awesome snow plow site on the web. We have moved to our own server to speed up the navigation experience and a whole lot more. Make sure to sign up as you can earn points and save some serious $$ down the road.

The Western plows are all in. No changes for this year except the addition of a UTV plow. This year only the V plow will be available. They will be released in the fall. Next year there will be a straight blade and ATV applications. Western added some new tailgate spreaders capable of salt and sand. These are revamps of Snow-ex acquired from Western. And a new spreader to replace the long standing Ice Breaker series.

The Western HTS plow has been tested and approved by Western for applications on all the new 2015 half ton trucks from Chevy Dodge and Ford. However this does not mean the truck mfg. will warranty the vehicle if a plow is mounted on it. Dodge for one does not approve any plow on the 2015. Plus if you do decide to put one on the OEM bumper pretty much becomes junk. Mounting height can be a issue also so be prepared to add a lift if needed.

The Boss plows will be rolling in next month. I will be personally demo the new HTX on my brand spanking new 2015 F150 super cab with the 5.0 engine. Added the tow and snowplow prep package. Ford will not sell you any extended warranty on a F150 with a plow prep package. I have not owned a Ford truck for almost 30 years. Just sold my 2006 Chevy 2500 with the 6.0. All I now plow is our lot and road so it will not get used a great deal. And for the big snows we will still employ the use of a larger plow truck. The 2015 Ford F150 plow package consists of a switch on the dash which just shuts off non-essential items when plowing to preserve the electric steering assist (which all mfg. now have as standard equipment). From my research I was told that this snow plow prep package can only be installed at the Ford plant and not by the dealer??? Seems odd to me. In my opinion why would they not just put a larger alternator in the vehicle to handle accessories? Maybe there is a different module for the snow package, I could not seem to get a knowledgeable answer. Anyways we will post a video when we install the Boss HTX and when we test it out this winter. Looks like of all the 2015 half ton vehicles the Ford is the best fit for a plow. Stay tuned.

No big changes for the Boss other than the release of the HTX. By the way it is available in steel, poly or stainless too. Boss has extended the stainless option in a few other plow offerings also.

We are now beginning to retrofit a truck load of Western model 500 and 1000 salt spreaders with our wireless system. We now offer a You Tube video on the installation of our 600DC unit if you want to convert any model of tailgate salt spreader to wireless. Our units have been out in the field for 8 years now. They are becoming very popular. Check them out.

Well I will wrap up this rant. I hope everyone has a great 4th of July. Remember what it’s all about. Our country has been going through many changes lately. Political correctness and race issues are out of control. No more Dukes of Hazzard, just makes me wonder where we are headed.

The Snowman