We Buy Used Snow Plows


Sell us your used Western UltraMount Plow or Boss Snow Plows and skip the “Craigslist Dance”

If you’re like most of the snow removal businesses out there, you like to upgrade your snow plow over time by selling your used snow plow and upgrading to a brand new plow. We’ve all had the pains of trying to deal with Craigslist whether that be trying to meet up with someone to sell your snow plow only to find out that they are only looking to low ball you, or simply don’t show up. Take the guess work out of selling your snow plow this season and have SnowplowsPlus buy your used snow plow.

Sell Us Your Used Snow Plow

Get those older used snow plows you have laying around upgraded and sell them to SnowplowsPlus. We’ll buy your used Western Ultramount Snow Plows or Boss Snow Plows from you so you don’t have to worry about selling on Craigslist or finding a good buyer for your used snow plows. Used snow plows are often difficult to sell online due to the fact that there isn’t a warranty that will follow from owner to owner, however SnowplowsPlus is here to be your buyer for your snow plow so you can move on and upgrade to a newer plow.

Don’t Waste Time Selling Your Used Plow on Craigslist

While we are known for our huge inventory of brand new snow plows from the biggest brands on the market today, we also buy used snow plows from customers like you that are trying to sell their used snow plow equipment from Western Ultramount Plows and Boss. SnowplowsPlus will provide you with a quote after you’ve sent us some information on your snow plow and you can decide if our offer is a fair offer and if you’d like to sell your used plow to us. You won’t receive a retail priced offer on your used snow plow since we will end up often times sitting on the used plows throughout the season and will need to account for resale. However, we are fair and you’ll be offered real money for your used snow plow equipment based on the condition your plow is in.

Sell Us Your Used Snow Plow

Provide all the information required below so we can make an offer on your snow plow equipment. You must be in the Minnesota area as the plow will need to be brought to the shop in Waverly, MN.

Front of the blade, back of the blade, mount parts, wiring, controller, any damage to the plow. All Images MUST Be Current.

STOP AND READ: We are located in Minnesota, you will either need to ship your plow to us or drive to us if you are selling us a plow out of state. This is something you'd need to arrange.

NOTE: Used Snow Plow Condition and Offer

The offer we provide is not a retail offer but a cash offer to relieve you from having to advertise, wait until the item sells and takes the negotiating and time involved with selling your used snow plow equipment. You will always get a better price by selling it seller to end user. Note we reserve the right to change this offer once we see the item in person. This offer is valid for 7 days from today only. You will be required to sign a no lien or obligations waiver on the item(s).